I am now OBSESSED with Pintrest. So much so that I already have my daughter's first birthday party theme decided and I have been pinning things left and right. It is fun and I can't wait to get started on some of those items.

J & I recently had our first home built and we moved in there early this year. I LOVE working with a blank canvas because I can mold it into a home for our family.
I go for easy DIY items because as a new mom, my time is very limited. Hopefully, by blogging this, I'll be able to inspire others. Feel free to post links to your site in the comment section if you see anything you think I'll be interested in.

Oh and as an FYI, we are not planning on painting the house (we will paint the half  bathroom on the first floor) until the kid(s) are a little older. At that point, we'll give it a "new home" feel. For now, I'll be putting up art and decor in areas to make it feel more "homey".

So it goes...

Phase 1

Morning room buffet and mirror 


Dining chairs

Bedroom art, morning room art and dining chairs

Our wedding...with DIY items

Our family wall

My first wearable dress

JOE's birthday party DIY items and a wearable skirt

A wearable dress for JOE

An Orange Chevron pattern dress

Throw pillows!

Refashion edition: A DIY adult skirt!

A maxi skirt and a house dress

African print circle skirt

Long Jean Skirt

DIY Edition - Government Shutdown - Part 1:

DIY Edition Government shutdown part 2:

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