Monday, February 27, 2017

Photo Dump: The last 6-weeks

So I have had so much going on that I haven't had a chance to do much writing. Between AyoBE Boutique, work and family, it has been a pretty busy month but I wouldn't have it any other way and I am very thankful for God's MANY blessings. 

Since this post is long overdue, I have A LOT of pictures of what's been keeping me busy the last few weeks. 

So take a deep breathe and scroll away. 

As you know, I got my annual "good trim" in December. I am glad I did because I needed it. I am also happy to report that my hair has been growing in nicely. 

We have had unseasonably warm weather! So I have definitely taken advantage of it when I can. I love being able to go out for a bike ride. My Fitbit keeps me motivated. :-)

In early February, I also launched my PAG Doll collection on AyoBE Boutique. PAG = Pretty Afrocentric Girl Doll. I am really so excited for this line. The line currently includes beautiful African print doll clothes, the doll itself and other accessories. Be sure to check it out on our site!

If you are not already following AyoBE Boutique on Instagram, I encourage you to do so. I often post on the PAG Doll adventures. My daughters love their dolls and I love taking pictures of the positions they leave their dolls in. Sometimes, I have to bring their "play acting" to life. It is really fun. Just do an Instagram search for #PAGdolladventures or #pagdoll to follow their adventures. 

JOE & JAE playing with their dolls. 

So J, JOE, JAE and I have been doing a live feed on Facebook on Sundays after Church. The other thing we do that really is fun is take car selfies on our way to church. 
I try to make sure the family wears a coordinating outfit and I've gotten JOE so used to it that now, she often asks what I'll be wearing to match her outfit :-).
It was a purple Sunday earlier in February. We also just had another purple Sunday last week. I guess we like purple :-).

A recent client order. I loved this order because it is totally something I'd rock with my little ones or my sisters. 
Be sure to check out the AyoBE Boutique site for other tees recently stocked. There are other options if African Print isn't really your thing.

Me and my littles. I love them so much and feel so blessed to be their mom.

Earlier this year, I started using a new product on my hair. It is the Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair line. I have been using the leave in conditioner and the coconut curling cream after washing my hair. I must say that I LOVE the results. 
Also, I have been actually washing with sulfate free shampoo every other week instead of co-washing every week. Since I workout more consistently now, I want to keep my scalp healthy. So instead of weekly co-washing, I do bi-weekly full washing. 
After washing, I apply my oil mix to my scalp and then separate my hair into 4 parts. I apply a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, the Cantu leave in conditioner and then the coconut curling cream. Then I let it air dry. At first, it felt a little heavy on my hair but so far, I am loving the results and my hair has been pretty moisturized. I just spray with a water/aloe gel mix every 2 - 3 days and re-apply the curling cream. 

The results can be seen below.

In February, AyoBE Boutique celebrated it 1-year anniversary. Thank you all for your support, kind words and spreading the word. It is so much appreciated!

JOE asked that I make her earrings. She picked out the color combination she wanted and I made them for her. She was so happy to wear tham. She wore them overnight. THEN her long braids got caught in them. LOL. Then she wanted to switch to her other earrings. 

JOE being the awesome big sister that she is chose these colors for her sister JAE.

Cheesing it for the camera. JAE loves to stick out her tongue. I think she thinks all cameras have the snapchat feature. Too funny!

AyoBE Boutique also introduced our friendship bracelet in our Nefertiti line. These are perfect for budding friendships. It is also featured on our PAG Doll line. So the dolls are just as stylish as their guardians. 

On this particular Sunday, we all wore green. I didn't have any green so I made sure my bag was green :-). Gotta tie it all together. Don't you just love how J is so into it?

I had J take this picture because it is significant. In the past, whenever I interviewed or did a formal presentation, I'd wear my hair up in a bun because I felt that was the accepted style. 

This here is the first time I have ever worn my hair out for an interview/meeting and I can honestly say it was rather freeing. 

For my natural hair sisters out there, how do you wear your hair for interviews/presentations?

More PAG Doll adventures...tea time.

Well, someone tripped...

Cheers...Seriously, the dolls are always having a fun time!

Me and my oldest. Love her so...She's growing up so fast! We just registered her for Kindergarten this Fall. I can't believe how soon she'll be starting school. Its almost like 5 years went in the blink of an eye!

Loving these adventures? Seriously, these clothes are THE CUTEST! They fit any 18" doll including American Girl dolls and other 18" dolls so this is a gift that your little one WILL enjoy!

While in my office, JAE decided to "help". SMH...She likes to hold the fabric and pretend like she is sewing. The best...

Another green Sunday. We are totaly due for a pink Sunday. I have to work on that.

When we go to Church, we often drop JOE off at Sunday school and take JAE with us into the santuary. I often give her my phone to entertain herself and inevitably, I find pictures like this all the time. LOL!

JAE and JOE's doll. So here's something. JAE has pretty straight hair and JOE has pretty curly hair. However, their dolls are the opposite. JAE's doll is curly and JOE's doll is straight haired. Why? Because I want both girls to get some appreciation for the other's hair. I know they are young right now but you never know what they are picking up and I want them both to love their hair straight or curly. 

Anyways, check out JAE matching...CUTE!!!

 In the month of February, everyone got a cold. It made 2 rounds around the house. JAE often wants to cuddle with me but this particular evening, she was all about her dad. I had to snap a picture. 

Shrinkage!!! I washed my hair the day before and it was almost BSL after I finished applying my leave in conditioner and curling cream. 

The next day, this was the result. I love my shrinkage though! I think it frames my face very well.

In February, I also introduced our Berakhah line. Yes, I have been very busy. Go check out the site for what Berakhah means. There's something for everyone. In the meantime, here's a sneak peak...

Now you know why I have been gone from the blogging world for so long. 

Anyways, not sure if anyone still reads these posts but if you do, I'd love to hear from you. 

Have a fabulously blessed week and remember to be kind to strangers!

Up next, a recap of our Valentine's day celebration...Stay tuned!


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