Monday, November 13, 2017

This is 40: Model behavior

So I decided to do a photoshoot to mark my 40th and I am so glad I did this because I had such a great time!
These pictures were taken on the last day of September. I love the month of September not just because it is my birthday month but also because it marks the beginning of a new season. It brings beautiful changes that can be seen AND felt.

I did a photoshoot with the ah-mazing and seriously talented Jamie Good of Jamie Good Photography! She is so awesome and has done quite a few of our family pictures including our pregnancy announcement as well as our family photo session where we told my in-laws of our new addition.
She is just so great and we look forward to her photographing our family for the holidays this year. If you live in the DMV, you HAVE to check her out.

Here are the pictures from our session. This is a picture heavy post so be prepared. I had so much fun and couldn't even decide on a favorite.

These are Atkins bars. Since I couldn't have cake thanks to being on a low carb high fat diet, I went with my #Atkins bars. Simply delish and guilt free. #winning 
Oh and I love a nice glass of red moscato. However, the day, I went, they didn't have my preferred brand and this one was on sale for $3.99. After tasting it, I wish I bought more because it was worth way more than the $3.99. I'll be getting more of it in the future :-).

Cheers. My new favorite picture of me.

The little black dress...

Shoes chosen by JOE. She said they will "make my feet pop!" I agree with her.

In the past, when I had a birthday, I didn't feel any different. But this time, I felt different. There is something about 40 that just changes your outlook on life. 
For me, 40 brings happiness, self confidence and feeling empowered. 40 makes me truly thankful foro God's favor and blessings. 

This was by far the best birthday present I could have given to myself. I 1000% recommend doing a shoot to capture your milestone birthday. 
Have a fabulous day and remember to be kind to strangers!


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