Monday, September 30, 2013

Friday evening fun...

In light of the looming threat of the federal government shutdown, I figured I should really look for something to keep myself busy.
So last week, I got a lot of pinterest patterns to sew and planned on using the fabrics I have at home. 
Then I was informed that I would be required to work because I am considered an essential employee due to the system I manage. While I am thrilled at the fact that I will be getting paid, they don't know WHEN that would be.
In anycase, on Friday night, I decided to make another dress for JOE.

This was supposed to be a dress but it turned out so short (she's gotten taller since I made the pattern a month ago) so I paired it with polka dot pants for church.

It was hard getting her to take a picture but I had to improvise with the help of hubby :-).
The final product

Paired up for Sunday service since it was too short

And yes, we just happened to have a polka dot bib so we paired it too...All dressed up for Church :-)

Still a little tired and not feeling like taking pictures.

She'd rather learn her ABCs than take pics :-). Oh and yes, that was the best I could do with her hair. She doesn't let me touch it!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Foolery: Things that made me go hmmm...

Ummm...really? Nothing like picking up a bottle of soda and getting this message. I'd like to know who the Marketing & PR department consulted with before they decided to put this on their bottle caps. Yes I understand a little bit of French (even after 12-years of taking it in school, I can't speak it :-P) and I know that "retard" means late. However, "you" is an English word and they could have come up with a different English word to pair with that! So again...ummm???

I feel bad for this guy. The look on his face was absolutely PRICELESS! Granted, a lot of people don't even know about the word let alone how to pronounce it. There goes his chance at $1,000,000. Well, at least he got to go home with $2,000. Better than nothing.

Good for her! I worked out up until the Saturday before I had my baby. My last workout was cardio kickboxing and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I am glad I did it because I feel like it truly helped me. I don't know why folks are being so harsh to this woman but I certainly commend her. Plus its not like she just started doing this and it was not her first pregnancy. Women need to be more supportive of other women's efforts.

A truly inspiring story of turning lemons into lemonade. A broken engagement but the bride and her family chose to make the best of it. I was touched when I read it.

This made me laugh!

Have an awesome weekend on purpose everyone!

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Honeymoon in Paris

Last week, I blogged about our mini-moon to the Big Apple. We did that in April of 2011. Our honeymoon was actually a total of 10-days. We spent 7-days in the City of Romance (Paris, France), a day in Amsterdam and 2-days in The Hague. We had a fabulous time and couldn't have asked for better weather conditions.

Leaving for our honeymoon. All smiles :-).

In front of Notre Dame Cathedral.

At Sacre` Coeur in Paris.

Inside the Eiffel Tower. Distance from our current location to several major cities was posted at the top. This is how far I am from my Country of birth.

I think every tourist who visits Paris has one of these pics. I was no exception. By the way, noticed my trusted pedometer. Yup! I travel with it :-).

At Museo de Louvre. Yes...another tourist shot :-)

Quasimodo!!! Hubby kept saying there was no Quasimodo and Disney lied to me. Well, there he is! Granted, this was a replica of the Notre Dame cathedral :-).

My handsome hubby having a taste of his fries.

Yup...that's an egg on the wall that these "wormies" are swimming towards. This wall was directly outside the Sacre` Coeur cathedral.

Another tourist pic with my handsome hubby :-).

OK. This was a joke shot because at the time, my hubby and I used to sometimes run together and he would have his hands out like that like he is "cutting through the winds". He said it makes him go faster...I just think it looks funny!

We have NO IDEA who this lady is. We were taking pictures and she said "'re Americans! Me too! I am from Texas! Let's take a picture together." How do you say no to that?

A boat cruise on the Seine River.

We always see newly weds when we travel and I like taking pictures of them :-).

Our favorite Crepe place. We were HOOKED! No other place compares. It was right by our hotel and we got one (or two) every single day while we were there :-).

Looking back at these pictures make me want to go again soon. But it'll have to be when JOE is older so she can walk a bit and we don't have to carry her in the stroller everywhere.

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