Monday, September 30, 2013

Friday evening fun...

In light of the looming threat of the federal government shutdown, I figured I should really look for something to keep myself busy.
So last week, I got a lot of pinterest patterns to sew and planned on using the fabrics I have at home. 
Then I was informed that I would be required to work because I am considered an essential employee due to the system I manage. While I am thrilled at the fact that I will be getting paid, they don't know WHEN that would be.
In anycase, on Friday night, I decided to make another dress for JOE.

This was supposed to be a dress but it turned out so short (she's gotten taller since I made the pattern a month ago) so I paired it with polka dot pants for church.

It was hard getting her to take a picture but I had to improvise with the help of hubby :-).
The final product

Paired up for Sunday service since it was too short

And yes, we just happened to have a polka dot bib so we paired it too...All dressed up for Church :-)

Still a little tired and not feeling like taking pictures.

She'd rather learn her ABCs than take pics :-). Oh and yes, that was the best I could do with her hair. She doesn't let me touch it!


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