Saturday, September 7, 2013

Foolery: Things that made me go hmmm...

I love doing this series because it is forcing me to realize just how crazy things are in the world we live in today.

So check this out. I am lost. Since when does a school police the types of hairstyle students can wear to school? I don't care if it is orange, red or pink. It is their hair and as long as it is not showing an "FU" sign shaved on the head, it should be OK! Now, clothes? Well, that's another story...

OK. This one is just plain RI-DUN-KU-LOUS! That's another one of my sister's made up words. I mean, REALLY? Why would you want to trap a man into marrying you by faking a pregnancy test? What happens after you get married and he finds out? Nothing like building a foundation on shaky grounds huh?

Following on that note, it is nice to see that folks are now starting to have more kids. Yay for paying into our future social security plan (just kidding...). Not that there is anything wrong with not having kids. To each his/her own. However, as a recent mom, I like to know that I have contributed to the continuation of the human race :-).

And because no weekend post should go without a happy face, here's one of this beautiful panda cub born a couple of weeks ago. Its hard to believe that this tiny baby will eventually grow up to be hundreds of pounds!

Hope you're having a terrific weekend!

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