Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Awesome weekend and a birthday DIY!

We had an awesome weekend. It started out busy but we were still able to get some R & R before the weekend was over. 

On Friday evening, we attended hubby's childhood friend's wedding. He was J's best man at our wedding and J was his best man. It was an awesome time and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Sans the long drive to and fro with a crying baby in the back seat :-).

Here we are at the reception.

Sorry for the blurred image. Its hard to juggle a camera and a baby at the same time. Here's the happy couple having their first dance.

Saying "I do". Yes, the groom is tall. He is 6ft 10in.

The cake! The official wedding cake (the one on the left) was Tiramisu. SOOOOO yummy! The one on the right was a gift to the couple from the bride's cousin.

The flowers were so beautiful and very fragrant! The arrangements were a gift from the bride's uncle. She is truly blessed. 

JOE dancing with her g-dad. It was so sweet to watch.

My handsome hubby giving the best man toast. I missed part of it cause JOE had to be changed. She decided to go #2 right when hubby started. I tried to hold out but she kept making funny sounds and I wanted to make sure it didn't get out and mess up her dress :-).

The following morning, we enjoyed a nice yummy breakfast of banana nutella crepes with cut up baked spicy sausages. Courtesy of yours truly :-).

Yes...we are putting our patio to very good use. We decided to grill out for dinner on Sunday after a long day of taking care of the lawn. We had some grilled suya (spicy grilled meats on a skewer) and grilled chicken (was still on the grill and forgot to take pics after). It was so yummy, I even got a stamp of approval from JOE & J of course :-).

Another fuzzy picture thanks to JOE :-). Was holding her with one hand.

A birthday DIY. I finished the birthday banner for JOE. I like how it turned out. Cutting the letters was the hardest part of doing this. But overall, it all turned out great. 
I'll post more DIY items tomorrow.

In the midst of everything, my sister and her husband celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary. I put together this collage from their traditional wedding day to their wedding day, to pics of her husband with the kids (on their 10-th anniversary) to them today. God has truly blessed them. 
And here's my shameless plug...if you are in the Atlanta, Georgia area, then stop by their church this Sunday. You WILL have an awesome time and will be blessed! The website is http://therockpointchurch.org

Tomorrow, I enter a new year (and new age bracket :-)) of life. I feel so blessed beyond believe and am looking forward to what God has in store for me in the coming year. 

Have an awesomely fabulous day readers!


  1. Looks like a great time! That cake was gorgeous!

  2. Yay! Happy (early) birthday! Praying you have a fantastic year!

    I love weddings. I didn't go to any at all this year and it's the first time in 6 years. I miss them.

    Beautiful pictures! Looks like a gorgeous wedding!

    Ahh so sad grilling season is almost over :(

    1. Thank you!

      We have attended 3 weddings this year and have one more to go in a couple of weeks. Got 2 next year and I think that'll be it for a while :-). I do love weddings and seeing young love blossom. So beautiful.

      Yeah...sad grilling season is almost over BUT the fall is around the corner and that means beautiful crisp weather :-D

  3. Beautiful wedding, that groom is so damn tall, you were not kidding. the details look beautiful. I love reading stuff that we already talked about, so fun.

    Glad to see you are enjoying your patio, keep on grilling.

    oooooh, I am so excited to see all the details of JOE's birthday, you are really going all out. I am so proud of you. Soon you'll be like Kathy, DIY queen.

    Awww, happy anniversary to your sister. 12 years, wow, that's amazing.

    YAY for awesome yet chilled weekends

    1. Thank you! We are going to get as much use out of that patio as we can. The table converts to a fire pitt so we'll be using it well into the fall :-D.

  4. I love that photos of the family at the wedding - so beautiful!


    1. Thank you! How are you doing? How's your boy? Can't wait to see more updates on how motherhood is treating you!


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