Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: 3EHairUpdate - Let it grow!

Gosh...its been a long time since I did a hair update. I guess life happens :-).

Since my last post, a lot has changed for the better. I no longer have dry hair and the stringy ends are almost completely gone! Whew! Next time, I have to really prepare before I go straighten my hair. That next time though won't be until the end of the year. Unlike a lot of people, I really don't get the itch to straighten my hair often. I kinda like it more in its curly state because it gives me an excuse to wear it whichever way I like. Hey, I'm a lazy natural and I am perfectly fine with that.

Anyways, here are some updates of my hair currently. 

Trying to take the picture at an angle that showed that I wasn't leaning my head back was a little challenging :-).
Not bad progress considering my last texlax was in October of 2013 and I big chopped in October of 2014. I think I have retained good length in the 2.5 years since my hair was last chemically treated.

I've been wearing my hair as a wash and go and I really like it that way. Since I have been taking better care of my hair by detangling more frequently and also keeping it cleaner, it really has been doing much much better!

Check out my hanging curls. Woohoo! I love it!

When not wearing a wash and go, I have my hair in a puff with a hair bow from AyoBE Boutique in it. I just love how these hair bows dresses up any outfit!

For those wondering, I'm no longer using metabolism. I finished my supply and can't justify the cost so I'm back to use my prenatal vitamins and biotin.

JAE's hair is doing great! She doesn't really like getting it done but she isn't yet at the level of JOE as far as screaming when her hair is being done. She'll fuss but not too too much. I try to leave it alone for the most part but it often gets in her eyes. 

See what I mean?

Check out J and 2 of his 3 loves. This picture was taken last week when J got home from work. The girls were so happy to see him!
And yes, JAE is wearing a dress by AyoBE.

Some patio playtime. 

Here, we have her hair partially up so she could play without it getting in her eyes. 

But for the most part, I let her hair do its own thing. Especially when she goes to bed. This picture was taken early on Monday morning. 

On to JOE's hair. It is still sometimes a struggle to do her hair but thanks to dear friends and a neighbor, I know what routine works for her hair to make it more manageable. I have also been putting it up per JOE's request because JAE things JOE is Rapunzel and is always determined to pull it. SMH...

I now ask JOE how she'd like to part her hair and she often tells me. She is definitely more involved in her hair routine and I like that. I just wish she wouldn't complain and scream so much when her hair is being done.

To close out this post, here's my new favorite thing to do when I have my hair in a puff. I LOVE wearing these bows in my hair. It isn't too overwhelming BUT still cute and dress. Win-Win.

Want this bow for summer? Do the following:
- Go like my Instagram page
- Comment on the image with "I'd like one"
- Must live in the USA and this is just for one adult hair bow.

That's all. I will randomly select a winner next week Wednesday!

Have a fabulous week and if you're heading out of town this weekend, be safe! Remember the reason for the holiday is because of those who have paid the ultimate price! Do someone nice to someone to show your appreciation. 

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: Fearless JAE Helpful JOE

We are almost there! Summer is inching closer. Although, you really can't tell from the weather. We'll get there eventually.

Last week, J was out of town for work so after our child care provider left, I had the girls full time both evenings. It was tedious and a lot of work made more challenging by the fact that I had some pretty busy/rough days at work BUT it was also great because I got to spend some unshared time with our girls and learn more about them

JOE is growing up so fast and is just such an awesome helper! JAE is learning so much and is fearless. Nothing scares her. She loves to climb onto EVERYTHING even in a dress. I love watching both girls and spending more time with them. 

My sister got JAE the grow with me chair for her birthday and she LOVES it! It plays music and also helps her with her counting and such. 

She loves to pretend that she is working/writing something. Check her out. 

And then here is her fearless side. She climbs on JOE's Fire Rescue set like that is what it is there for. Thankfully, it can still hold her weight for now but we are trying to stop her from doing this. She still sneaks up on it though.

Our dear friend and neighbor gave the girls these awesome masks. They LOVE them! JAE and JOE love to act like they are super-heros around the house and of course I encourage it :-D. The masks are also so soft so it doesn't snag their hair or cause skin irritation. 
While JOE was sleeping, JAE decided she wanted to wear her mask but not alone, she brought me JOE's mask to wear. Since the back is elastic, I indulged her. She just loved it!

Playing at the local mall. I love that she loves to hang with the big kids!

There is a story behind this one. JOE did not want to ride the bull. JAE on the other hand couldn't get enough of it. LOL

The one really awesome thing I love to see is how the girls interact. JOE is such a HUGE helper. When J was out of town, she would help with her sister and encourage her/engage with her. If she was crying, JOE would go there to sit with her if I couldn't at the moment and sing to her. She really is the sweetest kid. 

Here they are playing outside in their sand box. She is helping JAE build a sand castle. 

My awesome little JOE. The best!

I can't get over how big JAE is getting!

The love going to the library with their child care provider. I love getting pictures throughout the day :-).

While J was out of town, the girls got along so well! Here they are watching a show together while I got ready for the day.

I love my morning cup of coffee and JAE always wants to have a sip but J doesn't want the kids having any coffee at all so I have to drink it while she isn't around and/or put it away in an area she can't reach. Well, on Sunday I had my usual cup and finished it. JAE got the cup and decided she was coming for me! Check out her determined look!

Oh and by the way, the dress is by AyoBE

I just love my little JOE so much. She is an awesome helper and always wants to make sure everyone is OK. I know kids at this age are often selfish and self centered but not my JOE. She always wants to see what she can do to help others. 

While measuring to sew some African Tutus for AyoBE, JAE decided to play with the tulle. Clearly, she loves the red. I made one for her and her sister but hers is blue. Go check out the site! The skirts are very cute and can be worn for Memorial Day, July 4th, Spring/Summer and even in the Fall with leggings and a sweater :-D.

Here is my little JOE rocking her Everest skirt! She loves to twirl in it! Can't blame her. She says "it is very comfortable" :-D.

My #1 baby girl who is not so little anymore! I love that when folks come to our house, she asks them if they want to buy something from my shop. She's been trying to convince her child care provider to buy a hair bow! Who needs paid advertising when you have a supporter like her?

Have a fabulous rest of the week!

AyoBE Boutique

For some beautiful unique handmade items (like the ones above) for you or gifts for a loved one, please visit AyoBE Boutique.

I make items for babies, toddlers and a few adult pieces. 

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: Mothers and Daughters

Whew! We are finally in the middle of the week. I am so glad we get a holiday this month. I am VERY MUCH looking forward to it. 

Last week, JOE had a great time at the library. I love that she learns new things each day and we are often greeted with her new found knowledge when we get home.

Check out my very stylish JOE at the library. And incase you didn't notice, look at JAE's face in the corner. Priceless! 

The girls got to go to the local mall last Friday. Check out my brave child. While JOE REFUSED to ride this, JAE couldn't wait! She is definitely my adventurous one. 

Yup. JAE climbs around with all the big kids. Although, it often scares me since I know her brain hasn't matured enough to know what could be dangerous. 

And as much as she is a tom-boy, she is also a girly girl! I made this dress for AyoBE and asked her if she wanted to be my model. She got so excited and when I said "OK, now pose!" This is what she did. LOVE HER!!!

My little models!

On our way to dance last Saturday. We were cheesing it for the camera :-D. I love that she makes a face whenever I try to take a selfie in the car. I'm sure JAE will be doing the same thing once she is old enough and forward facing. 

On Saturday, I decided to take the one who first made me a mother out for a pre-mother's day celebration. It was an awesome one on one time with my little JOE and I hope to do this more often with her and eventually with JAE when she is older because we both enjoyed ourselves. 

JOE got her first mani/pedi. She absolutely LOVED it! So much so that she said she'd like to try out the "orange frog" next time. The pedicure seat was set up in the shape of a frog and my child is already planning for her next mani/pedi.

I let her pick out her colors and mine as well. She did a great job!

Mommy/daughter selfie at the nail salon. 

Check out her precious little toes! And yes, she asked for them to alternate the colors.

Afterwards, we went for frozen yogurt. I also let her pick out what she wanted. She made her choices down to the sprinkles.

I just love the sparkles on her fingers. Too cute!

There is a water wall at the frozen yogurt place and JOE wanted to take a picture in front of it. 

She loved posing for the camera. Complete with her yoga pose.

Then she asked for a picture with me. I just love her so much!

We did some shopping after and she asked that we go to the movies and then "ice cream" next time. I'll say it was definitely a successful outing. She was out like a light once we got in the car.

Mother's day was the next day and everyone had matching clothing items. Yes, we stay coordinated! :-D.

The girls had matching skirts and hair bows. J had a matching bow tie and I had a matching hair bow and sash. Oh and JAE had a bracelet bag that she just loved carrying.

J ordered me this very thoughtful gift basket that came complete with my favorite chocolate and wine. YAY!

The E squad!


The original J team!

Overall, Mother's day was memorable and we had a great weekend as a family. I hope you had a nice weekend as well. 

AyoBE Boutique

For some beautiful unique handmade items (like the ones above) for you or gifts for a loved one, please visit AyoBE Boutique.

I make items for babies, toddlers and a few adult pieces. 

Accepts all major Credit Cards and PayPal. Just send me an email with the item(s) link or name.


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