Friday, August 4, 2017

Photo Dump Friday: Hair, Teeth, Clay, Mushrooms and Poppy!

Teeth, Hair, Clay, Mushrooms and Poppy! What do they all have in common? Well, they are just some of the things that filled the end of our month of July. 

I have been busy with work, business, life and chillaxing so blogging sometimes takes a back seat. Also, we've been doing some vlogging. Editing it leaves me with less time to blog. 

But no worries. I am not abandoning my blog. Not yet anyways. I kinda like the idea of JOE and JAE one day reading these and getting to know what they were like as kids. 

So on to this blog post. This was one of the dresses I got a while back from Zulily. Incase you can't tell, I tend to buy a lot of items from there. Granted, I have had some misses but for the most part, I have had quite a few hits as well. 

I felt beautiful and professional in this dress. I am not someone who often wears pink but this dress has me changing my mind about the color.

Family...I love when everyone is together and smiling. It is rare that we can get JAE to smile in a family picture :-). She loves to goof around.

As JOE gets older, she is getting pickier about her hair style. A couple of weeks ago, she was going to go get her hair washed at the hair salon. The last time she went, she said the lady wasn't as gentle with her hair. I mean, she does have A LOT of hair so I decided to help her out with that by detangling it a bit before they left. 

When it was out, she decided she wanted to take pictures and play around with her hair loose. She LOVES it!


Anyways, she made me promise to let her straighten it after she turns 6. I said OK. I WON'T be the one straightening it. She starts kindergarten this Fall. I wonder if she'll like to keep it this long or want it cut after she starts school. 

While J & JOE went to get their hair done, JAE and I ran some errands. As you can see, JAE wanted to carry her own backpack. She LOVES this backpack and wears it whenever she can.

Car selfies!!! Heading out to a friend's daughter's birthday party. 

I am wearing the Capella earrings from AyoBE Boutique. The top was self drafted for me. I love this top because it doubles as a skirt! Keep scrolling for more pictures.

It was a bit of a drive so the minute we got in the car, JAE promptly went to sleep holding her bottle of milk. You know she was TIRED because she LOVES her milk!

This is an example of the "top skirt". I am wearing the same top but in the form of a skirt. I love the mini length too. 
Hey there -27lbs :-). Yes, I am still on my "health is wealth" plan.

The next day, we headed to Church. As usual, JAE is being goofy. Love this child of mine.

Still pretending to be asleep. SMH!

And with the installation of the accordion doors, our basement is DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE!!! Lordy lordy!
That took a while. We made mistakes on the installation/cutting of the first door (furthest on the right) but it isnt' too too noticeable unless you try to open it.

Our #model JOE. She was showcasing our hardwork. Time to take and post pictures of the entire basement. 
If you're not already doing so, be sure to subscribe to our site so you can see the video when I post it.

Last Monday, all the ladies of house had a dental appointment. It was not the best visit but hey, we all have to go. 
First, JOE had her first cavity :'(. The dentist had to fill it in. JOE was very brave and did great!
Then it was my turn. Turns out one of my posts is loose. Not fun. Those are NOT cheap! $$$
Then JAE didn't want to have her teeth checked but when the dentist finally got to look at her, she found out JAE's overbite is bad and she will most likely need braces. We will continue to watch it. 
So yeah...not the best visit but hey, we do our best.

Little sister helping out.

A couple of weeks ago, I had to present to my agency's Directors and Deputy Directors. This was a BIG HUGE GINORMOUS deal! These are the folks who run the agency I work for. 
The presentation went well. Oh and check out my earrings. They are the Skye African Print earrings from AyoBE Boutique. Hey, I have to represent me too :-). The pattern worked really well with my dress.

Later that and my girls.

Last weekend, I decided to do a clay clarifying wash since I hadn't washed my hair in almost a month. What can I say? Life happens! Anyways, as always, I had some leftover so I did a face clarifying mask AND used the leftover mask it on my knees. For the longest time, my knees have been really dark. I don't know if it made much of a difference but it felt softer afterwards. #claywash for the win!

I continue to exercise and try to eat right. Thankfully, I have been able to stay encouraged with the results from the scale.
During my walk last week, I walked by these huge mushrooms! They looked like something right out of a Dean Koontz book. You know, from the Odd Thomas series. 

Last Sunday, I decided to make one of those 1-minute healthy low carb cakes. Complete #fail!

The texture was good. That was the ONLY good thing about this recipe. Other than that, it was BITTER and YUCKY! No one wanted it.

Yeah. It ended up in the trash. I refused to even try.

J has been wicked busy with work. Earlier this week, he had to leave extra early for work. I had to snap this picture of the kids watching their dad leave for work. Too too cute!

POPPY! #Trolls is JOE's new "favorite movie of all time". She LOVES the movie trolls. And since she is often the one who names the fabrics from AyoBE Boutique, guess the name she picked for this fabric?
You got it. #Poppy 
Introducing our Poppy African Print Collection! I love love love this fabric. Here it is as a Midi Skirt. I am currently making a Maxi custom skirt and look forward to the customer wearing it. 

And to round up this long post, here is a picture from earlier this week. I leave early for work and often, when JAE wakes up around 6am for milk, J brings her into our bed. I was getting ready, turned around and saw this beautiful sight. 
Sisters day is August 6th this year. I love having sisters and love watching my daughters as they grow together. #happysisterday

Last week at work was a bit of a trying week for me. This song right here got me through the week. I am learning to "let go and let God".

Have a fabulous weekend and remember to be kind to strangers.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Rainbows, Unicorns and Magic!

A few weeks ago, we attended the birthday party of a sweet little girl. Baby E's family and my family met via our blogs and I am so grateful for the friendship because we get to watch each other's kids grow and really enjoy the experience of motherhood together. 

Baby E is just such a delightful young girl. Her smile really brightens up the room and we were really honored to attend her first birthday celebration. 
Note: For privacy reasons, I did not post direct pictures of the kids at the birthday party. 

Her mom and dad went all out with her party. The theme of the party was Rainbows and Unicorns. It was so much fun that JOE and JAE were still talking about the party a few days after. 

Here are some of the pictures from the beautiful celebration.

Beautiful focal table. This table was filled with so much yummy goodness.

Unicorn cookies!

JOE has requested a Trolls themed birthday party for her 5th. It was nice to see these colorful cookies because they certainly gave me ideas for her party later on this year.

How cute is this cake? VERY!!!


And the throne for the little princess. 

They had a magician at the party and he was so entertaining. Both JOE and JAE especially enjoyed the show.

JAE was wicked excited!

Hey there Minnie. JAE is totally going through her Minnie Mouse phase. She is into EVERYTHING Minnie.

JOE volunteered to be an "assistant" during the show. 

She took the job VERY seriously!

That face and that smile! She aws so happy to be a part of the show.

And she got a hat to go. 

Helping with the magic.



Of course, JAE quickly took the hat when JOE came back.

E's older brothers were also assistants and they did a fantastic job.

Cool as a cucumber! Check them out!

It was a truly magical party and all the kids there had a great time! Thank you Peg for including us in your family's festivities. We look forward to celebrating many future events with you!

Have a fabulously blessed new week and remember to be kind to strangers


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