Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Photo Dump Wednesday: Doc McStuffins goes to the White House...

In one of the Doc McStuffins episodes last month, Doc visited the White house and met first lady Michelle Obama.
One day, while watching the episode for perhaps the 10th or 15th or who knows how many times she had watched it, JOE turned to me and said "momma, I want to go to the White House." I mentioned this to J and he said "let me see what I can do."
My hubby of course took it on himself to get us on the list to tour the White House. This was just so cool and we mentioned it to JOE the day before we were scheduled to go. 
J and I both took the day off and we all headed to the White House. JOE even wore her Doc McStuffins outfit from her birthday. It was just so cute! She also kept singing the song from Doc about going to the White house in Washington, DC.

We took a family picture right before we went in. 

This is wicked cool. The walls in the hallway makes you realize that real people live here. The first time J and I visited the White House, people were not allowed to take pictures inside so it was very nice to be able to do so during this visit.

Me and my girls. Yeah, JAE wasn't too impressed. She was more concerned about the fact that we did not make arrangements for her to eat before the tour and since liquids were not allowed, she was NOT happy. 
Side Note: If visiting the White House and you have a baby in tow, be sure to feed the baby BEFORE you go in because they do not allow ANY food. Not even breastmilk.

The china cabinet. I wonder if they actually ever use this china.

Our future first female President? Only time will tell...eitherways, I wanted to make sure I got this just incase :-D.

JOE often tells the girls "one of you will be President one day." I say from your mouth to God's ears. Well, when we walked in this room, I quickly exclaimed "JOE look, this is where you'll be having your wedding reception!" She wasn't too impressed. 
However, she turned to her dad and said "dad, where is she?" J asked "where is who?" and she said "Michelle Obama! She's not here!" Poor kid actually thought she'd get to meet the First Lady. Oh well...perhaps someday.

I took this picture because J & I watch the show Scandal and it reminded me of a scene from the show :-).

Had to get a picture of this floral arrangement. It was really beautiful and smelt so good!

I find it interesting that one of the first pictures you see once you make it into the White House itself is that of Hillary Clinton and the last one you see before you leave is that of her husband. Not sure of what to make of that. I am sure there's some psychological reasoning here.

Our little family right after the tour. Excuse JAE. She was H.U.N.G.R.Y! :-).

And of course, the picture in front of the White house. 

I love living in the DMV area and being able to take quick trips to DC to visit the White House and learn more about our nation's history makes it really that much more special.  
Next stop, a visit to the Library of Congress. We also plan on doing more trips into the City as the girls get older so they can visit the different sites. 

For my US readers, have a fabulously fun, safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23, 2015

DIY Monday: 3Ehairupdate

I wasn't sure if a hair update qualifies as DIY but then I thought about it and figured "well, I'm doing it myself" so technically, it is DIY.

I figured it is time for another hair update. This month, its a little later than normal. 

I haven't really done much with my hair. I have primarily been wearing a bun for the most part. I ventured out with some hair styles that I considered hits and some misses but for the most part, I kept it simple. 

I am still taking the manetabolism hair vitamins. They had another 30% off sale and I got a couple of bottles. They need to stop having those sales right when I'm about to finish my stash. Its a conspiracy I tell ya! :-). In anycase, I have 2 more bottles so unless I buy a new supply, if I finish my current stash, I would have been on it for 8-months. 
So far, I think the results speak for themselves. 

First, check out my hits vs. misses for the month. For the  misses, there are a couple I don't consider total misses. I just didn't like the way my hair "fell" those days.

Like I said earlier, I have been bunning it for the better part of 2 weeks. Check out my little photo bomber a.k.a the back seat driver :-).

And here is one of me and my babies. As you can see, their hair is thriving as well. JAE's hair is growing at the same pace as JOE's at the same age. 

I love taking my mommy daughter selfies with these cuties.

I'm not doing anything to JAE's hair yet as far as styling. I primarily just wash it then add the Shea Moisture Jamaican Castor Black Oil leave in conditioner and extra virgin olive oil. I then comb it out. I also softly massage her scalp daily when I'm trying to get her to sleep.

Here is JAE's hair when pulled straight. She is definitely less fussy than JOE was at this age when it comes to getting her hair done.
On a side note, I LOVE her pout when she is sleeping. Too cute!!!

JOE's hair continues to grow and she continues to hate doing her hair. I've asked her if she'd like to cut it but she doesn't want to and likes to feel her hair touch her butt when the braids are taken out.
Until she decides she is ready to part with some of her locks, it'll be a weekly hair experience with JOE.

Now on to my hair. It is true what they say..."pictures are key". Seeing the pictures makes me realize how much progress my hair is making.

Hello! Check out my Albert Einstein hair style. I just took it out of a bun and was trying to detangle it. 

I recently decided to fully detangle my hair in sections and put my denman brush to use. Following that, I did a French braid and was pleasantly surprised of how full it looks. Woohoo for positive hair progress.

Well, it is Thanksgiving week and we have so much to be thankful for. I am very much looking forward to getting some time off and celebrating with family. 

If you're interested in seeing my hair progress on Instagram, check out the hashtag #3Ehairupdate

Have a fabulous week and be safe!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Photo Dump Wednesday: A mermaid weekend

We had another full but fun weekend. All of last week, I prepared JOE for Sunday School. Last Sunday was going to be her first Sunday being in a real class environment. However, we arrived at Church at 9:46am for the 10:00am service and turns out we should have been there by 9:30am. So JOE wasn't able to attend because the 3-year old classes were full. 
However, in anticipation of her first day in Sunday School, we took the pictures below. 

I can't get over how "grown" she looks. She's definitely our "three-nager". Three going on thirteen!

Both my girls dressed in their Sunday best. 

After Church, we came home and got ready to head back out to a birthday party for one of JOE's friends. The kids were encouraged to wear their favorite costumes and JOE went as Sheriff Callie. 
"Howdy pard-nah"

It was a Mermaid themed party and the mom really did a great job putting it all together. 

I love the 2-tiered cake.

And the cupcakes. 

Check out the table-scape. It was definitely a fun decor.

 We all had a great time and JOE certainly had fun playing with her friends. JAE enjoyed watching and cheering JOE :-). 
Hope you're having a great week so far.