Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: Growing up

Only 11 days left in July! Summer is going by TOO FAST! I feel like we spend most of the year looking forward to the warmer weather of summer and then you blink and it goes by! Time flies when you're having fun as they say :-). 

July has been rather busy month for AyoBE Boutique and that is exciting because it tells me that people enjoy the items I hand make for them :-). 

I hosted a giveaway via Instagram earlier this month and check out THIS CUTE winner! I mean, you can tell just by her beautiful smile that she IS a winner. 

I often do a giveaway each month so be sure to follow AyoBE Boutique's Instagram page for a chance to win!


Last month, J and I decided to subscribe to the application to assist JOE with preparing for kindergarten next year. She has been doing very well with her studies. We have lesson plans for her at home and often is able to keep up with everything. As a reward, she is allowed to play the games on Disney Junior. She has been learning to draw and paint and this was one of the painting games on the Disney Junior application. Check out the colors of the characters. I LOVE that she made Sheriff Callie brown. How cute is that?

She is also doing better with her use of a pen/pencil. Check out her drawing. She was NOT helped with this. She said this is her family. I'm the one on the let, she is on the right, JAE is at the bottom and J is on the right. Don't ask me why J's head is extra large. It was kinda funny! We had a good laugh about it :-D. Anyways, she also added a heart at the bottom. She told me it means we are all a family and we all love each other. Gosh I love this kid! She's AWESOME!

JAE loves all things fashion. Check out this picture of her right before Church last Sunday. I had a head tie on she she wanted one. After I put it on her, she then picked up this makeup bag that a friend of mine gave me a while back and started to prounce around. America's Next Top Model!


And our #churchflow family selfie. JOE loves to be in the picture whenever I am trying to take a car selfie. I love that even if I don't acknowledge her when taking the picture, she'll smile and ask to see the pictures. I wanted to include J this week in the pics.


On Tuesday, the girls went to the park. I think this is one of my favorite pictures. I just love the way they are walking together and holding hands. SISTERS!

See how JAE looks at her sister so adoringly. 

And for good measures, just to show you how cool they are, check out JOE & JAE.

I hope your week is going great so far. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: Summer Days

I love summer! Fall is still my favorite time of year but summer is so much more fun when you have kids since they enjoy being outdoors. 
My girls LOVE the warmer weather and love being outside. JOE often likes to be outside but in a shaded area. While JAE just wants to be under the sun. I am loving it also because I am able to get out and walk a bit.

Anyways, since it is photo dump Wednesday, here are some pictures of my littles from the last week.

I like dressing the girls in similar colors. They don't have to look the same but I do like them to look somewhat coordinated :-). Here they are sporting JAE's favorite color (purple) and blue.

Heading out to run some errands. While J drives, I take selfies with my little one at the back. Like the head tie? It is PERFECT for you and your little one's hair. You can get one here. It comes in different fabric options. Keep reading for another picture of the Everest head tie. Quick tip: If you subscribe to the site, you can get a 10% off coupon to use on your first order.

Last week, after running errands, we decided to blow up the pool to let the girls cool down a bit since it was so hot. They both thoroughly enjoyed it!

Me at a friend's daughter's birthday party last weekend. I had just made the head tie and since it worked with the outfit I was wearing, I figured why not?

How cute is this birthday cake? VERY!!!

More pictures of the head tie with a bow in front. I just love that it can be worn in different ways. I will be doing a video on different ways to wear it :-).

The other day, I was up early working and both girls decided to come to the room where I was and sit quietly at the table to play. It was so cute so I had to snap a picture. Of course, this lasted for a mind-blowing FIVE minutes!

JAE came in our room one morning with her Minnie Mouse plush toy. Mind you, this toy is the same size as her! She wanted to cuddle with Minnie.

Yesterday, the girls got to go their their first movie! How cute is this? I am told JOE loved it and JAE was scared at first when the lights were turned off but she quickly warmed up. 
Not sure why the lady on the right looks "interested".

Happy girls!

I am in the process of planning the Fall/Winter collection for AyoBE Boutique. Fall often entails rich orange and brown colors hence the selection below. For winter, the green I have included will be paired with matching red fabric and the red will be paired with matching green fabric.

Please comment to vote for your favorite fabric choice by numbers.

How is your week going so far? I hope well. I know I am due for a hair update. I'll be doing a separate post about that in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

Have a fabulously blessed rest of the week!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesdays: The 4th

Writer's block! I have typed and re-typed this paragraph and changed this post several times so I have decided to post quick snippets of what we've been up to the last few days :-).

Hope you had a happy 4th. 

We took selfies...

We visited the zoo...

We saw a giant tortoise. When I was younger, I read that they were the wisest creatures in all the land. The stories I read as a child also included talking tortoise and I don't believe these ones talked. 

It was HOT HOT HOT! But my curls were poppin!!!

More mommy/daughter selfies...

JOE modeling one of AyoBE Boutique's summer sets. The Capella Summer Set

Church flow. Wearing another AyoBE Boutique creation. The Chase head tie. Perfect for your beautiful locks. Available in different prints and also in kids and adult sizes.

We took Mommy and me selfies. JAE loves her head tie. She walked around the house with her hands out!

We spent time with our extended family. The girls with their g-dad. 

We spent some time outdoors blowing bubbles when it wasn't raining. The girls with their grammy. 

We learnt to drive. Or rather, pretended to. JAE "driving" her grandparent's RV. 

We had fun going up and down next to the fireplace at the girls grandparents' house.

We made smores even after a failed attempt at "camping in".

We received great reviews! AyoBE boutique received pictures of these beautiful cuties wearing our Everest bow tie and matching hair bow. 

We went global! AyoBE Boutique had its first order from across the pond! This is part of the set ordered. #happy

We will be giving away this onesie (12-months) and diaper cover set (6-12M diaper cover). All you have to do is go "like" our Facebook page. A random follower will be picked in the next week. NOTE: Decal will be affixed to the onesie before it is shipped. This offer applies to current US residents only.  

Have a fabulously blessed week!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: Sisters

A fellow blogger and real life friend once told me "the best gift you can give a child is the gift of a sibling." I couldn't agree with her more! I love the way both my girls interact with each other. They are definitely going to be the best of friends. They love to play together and JOE has been really good encouraging JAE to try things like potty training and talking. 

They often have lunch together now and sometimes, to encourage JOE to eat, I make it a competition. That often works because JOE doesn't like losing :-)

JAE on the other hand loves her meals! 

They love to read together with JOE often explaining to JAE what it is she is looking at. Surprisingly enough, JAE is starting to pick up on words. YAY!!!

I am so glad it is getting warmer out. Now the girls can enjoy the pool out back. 

JOE learning to swim and JAE gathering the toys. Team work! 

My lovely JOE.

And princess JAE. 

After pool activities. Building sand castles. A day at the "beach" for the girls!

And of course, they both enjoy going to the library together. The awesome thing is that JAE is picking up so much of what they do at the library so whenever a song comes up that they heard at the library, JAE often participates. 

Keeping up with her reading :-)

JOE making friends. 

And JAE doing some more reading. Look at that head of curls. LOVE every single one of those ringlets :-).

So there is a story behind that mark on my baby's face. But to avoid controversy since that's not what this blog is about, I won't be going into details about it. I will say though that if you have a child that needs extra attention, PLEASE keep an eye on them! Do not leave them unattended playing with other kids! I know as humans we all want to be selfish but please be considerate of other people's kids as well!!!
Thankfully, JOE is OK. Deeeeeeppppp breaths!!! I'm still trying to get over it.

Kids are often watching what we do! Check out JAE "working" on my sewing machine. I love this!

I recently introduced the jewelry line for AyoBE Boutique. They are really beautiful and both girls LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They are great for birthday celebration, attending church, baby's photo ops and a whole lot more. Go check out the options today and snag one for your little one. 

Last weekend, we did our annual yard sprucing. It took A WHILE to get it done in light of the fact that both girls were on hand to "help". JOE "helped" me plant something in our rose bed and she was excited to get a picture with it. My smiling baby who is growing up so fast!

We've had a busy week BUT are so excited for a fun upcoming weekend with family and also first visit to the zoo. YAY!!! 

What are your plans for the July 4th holiday weekend?


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