Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas spirit: Work place decor

The division I work for decided to do a Christmas door decor contest. It was a fun team building exercise and I definitely saw the friendly competition amongst my colleagues. 

Here were the finalists. 

This one was pretty cool because someone actually built a replica of my agency. I mean, this person has talent AND a lot of time on their hands. It was cool though. 

Close up shot of the building. 

Another door. This is definitely an unusual but pretty cool wreath. I have never seen one like this before and I like it. Might try to do something similar in the future. Have to see what I can find on Pinterest.

This was the one our office did. I thought it was pretty festive and cool. We even laid out cookies and milk next to the tree. But at last, we did not win. We came 3rd. 

This was the winner of the contest. I mean, they really went all out with the trees and the gifts that go in the lite gift bags. They told a story with their decor and that earned them a free pizza lunch. YUM!

And then there was this one. I tried not to laugh but it was just too too funny. It is a Charlie Brown Christmas tree for sure. They didn't win but they gave lots of people a good chuckle. 

Do you do any fun stuff in your office for the holidays? If so, what is it? Do you enjoy participating?

Have a fabulous weekend and remember to be kind to strangers!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Photo Dump Wednesday: Hump Day Bump Day!

Well, well, I am finally starting to show. Last weekend was the first time people looked at me and I could tell they realized I was expecting and not just heavy around my waist line.

Anyways, here's a bump pic from week 23. I still can't believe I am less than a week from being 6-months pregnant! This time is FLYING by! No complaints though. :-).

And since we all know this blog is not about me but about the two J's in my life, here are some pictures of JOE. Yesterday, JOE's childcare provider had to take the day off for personal reasons. Since J's stayed home the last few times with JOE, it was my turn and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my little munchkin. 

I gave her a mani/pedi in the morning and then we headed out shopping for Christmas presents. She actually helped me pick out some of her own stuff. Pretty decisive kid I have there. 

After that, I took her to the library since I promised her we would go. She loves it there so much and even though I was tired at this point, I knew I couldn't reneg on my promise. I am glad I didn't because I enjoyed watching her.

And while watching her, I was also playing on my Nexus. Yup...that's the multi-tasking mom in me :-D.

Not a lot of pictures this week but I figured I more than made up for it on Monday with all the pictures I posted. 

Enjoy the rest of your week! We have another busy weekend planned and I am looking forward to it.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend fun: A visit to Christmas Town

We had a fun FILLED weekend. To repeat the words of my hubby "if there ever was a need for a 3-day weekend, this past weekend definitely qualifies!"

A friend of mine mentioned the Busch Gardens Christmas Town event earlier in November. J & I decided it would be a good idea to go. JOE is loving all things Christmas right now and it is always so fun to see the world through the eyes of a child.

On Friday evening, our neighbor held their 3rd annual Christmas party. We were invited and we attended because we love our neighbors and feel so lucky to live in a community where everyone looks out for each other.

On Saturday, bright and early, we packed up and started our long drive to Williamsburg, VA. Hubby was the designated driver while I sat in the back to entertain JOE. Truth be told, that's often where I sit because it is just so much easier to get her what she needs instead of trying to twist and turn backwards.

Anyways, here's my very yummy hubby driving. This was JOE's first real road trip. We had one last year but it didn't really count since she was still very little. For this trip, she was VERY alert.

And here we are...the back seat drivers. And by that, I mean back seat drivers! If we stop at a red light, JOE can be heard saying "dadda, moooooove" or "faster faster!!!"

Coming along on our road trip was the Doc McStuffins family. Yes, we were all cramped back there because JOE just had to have everyone with her.

A long 4-hours later, we arrived. But we weren't immediately booked into our room because we were an hour early. As you can see from the lobby, there was hardly anyone there but I guess they must have a policy about getting in the rooms early? Either ways, we decided to just relax and JOE enjoyed running around the lobby.

And touching things :-)

Then she settled down long enough to watch the iPAD. They finally decided at 2:54pm to get us check in. A whopping 5-minutes early! SMH. I should bash the hotel but J and I have had great service at their other locations so I won't let one not so great experience ruin it.

After we settled into our rooms, we freshened up and headed to Christmas Town!

The town was definitely all decked out. It all looked very beautiful. 

We waited in line in the cold for 2-hours for JOE to get a picture with Santa. I feel like I visited more public restrooms than necessary during this time. Think it was for me the pregnant woman? Then you'd be wrong. JOE just had to "go pee momma!" I mean, I love that she is potty trained but Lord help me! Cleaning the seats, putting her on there, cleaning her up, taking her off, repeating it 30-45 minutes later. YIKES!!!
Anyways, we finally made it into the area to see Santa and our first greeter was the elf Peppermint. She was so sweet but JOE wasn't sure of what to make of her hence the face.

Then there is JOE sending her Christmas wish list. I hope Santa got her list. She really really would like all of the items on there :-).

And here is Santa's workshop. JOE wanted to take items from there. Had to explain to her that they were props for kids to play with not presents for her :-).

And then we got to see Santa! Here's my baby with the man himself. She did so good. Didn't cry and actually gave a couple of smiles.

Here she is checking him out to see if he was for real.

And this is a picture of a picture of all of us. 

And one of just JOE with Santa.

Then we got to see Gloria. It was one of the shows playing there. The great thing about this place is that once you're in, there are no additional costs except for food and other gift items. Those are pricey but that's just how things are at Theme parks. JOE loved the show! She kept clapping and at one point, she closed her eyes and was swaying to the music. It was just so cute.

Sorry for the blurry pic. This was at the end of the evening. J got a cup of hot chocolate. Which was yummy considering how cold it was!

And here we are at the end of the evening. All still smiling. JOE had such a great time. When we walked out, she looked up to her dad and I and said "thank you sooooo much dadda and momma!" That totally made it all worth it. I love this beautiful, polite girl of ours. She really is the best!

To top off the weekend, we headed to J's parent's for Christmas dinner last night. We had an awesome time and my mother in law made a very yummy dinner. JOE made out like a bandit with her presents. J & I also got very generous gifts from them and we feel so blessed.

Hope you had an awesome week. I am looking forward to a shorter work week. YAY!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Family Traditions - Winter Festival of Lights and a bump!

Last year, J, JOE and I all went to see the Winter Festival of Lights at a park not too far from us. While JOE was just over a year last year and wasn't really into it, this year, she was totally into it and kept saying "wow...beautiful" or "I love it momma".

It was so nice to see how excited she was to see all the lights and everything. We'll definitely continue to do this for as long as our kids enjoy it.

Anyways, here are some pictures from this year's visit. Its pretty much the same exhibit so I tried to post pictures that weren't the same as last year's.

 JOE now has a thing for lining all my hair products by our bed. Not sure why but she calls it her "choo choo train."

And then of course, there's her "lasso" to catch more of her stuff.

And here she is making sure her choo choo train is all set.

And incase you are wondering, she has a ton of real toys to play with but despite my telling her constantly "those are not toys", she would rather play with my hair products.

And here is my first bump picture with this pregnancy! I FINALLY have one. OK...if you look closely, you can make it out. Folks at work still don't know but I am guessing I'll have a real bump soon. Looks like I am definitely carrying the same way I did with JOE's pregnancy. 

The 21-week picture was taken the week of Thanksgiving. So while it does look a bit bigger than the 22 week picture, part of it can be attributed to bloat. I can't believe I am now more than half way there! It is going by so fast! 

Last Friday, J and I decided to go see a movie. We left JOE with her child care provider and did a little shopping before seeing Hunger Games. I love this movie theater because it has an Egyptian theme. Also, while there, I ran into Jamie from Handling with Grace. She has an absolutely beautiful family and she is just so nice in person! It was really good to meet her in person.

Hope you had a nice weekend! I am ready for my many blessings this week. Will post more on that later.