Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The celebration continues...10 months and a birthday!

JOE turned 10-months on Saturday. I still can't believe that she is 10-months already.
* She is into everything and enjoys getting J's and my heart rate up. She moves FAST.

* Still no teeth yet but she gums just about any food she is given. She prefers salty savory foods to sweet foods. She is always "talking"...takes after her dad there :-).

* She is in the 80th percentile for her height and slightly less than 50th percentile for her weight.

* She is standing on her own and attempted her first steps a few weeks ago. So far, we haven't had a repeat.

* She can now go up and down the stairs on her own. Of course we are always there with her. She has the advantage of long legs so home girl just holds on to the rails and steps down. Will have to get a video of that.

* She HATES getting her hair combed unless she is distracted by something.

* She enjoys music and will dance if she hears music. Yesterday, we danced to The Lion King soundtrack. It was quite fun.

* She is definitely a social butterfly and no matter how tired I am or how hard a day I have had, when I get home and see her face, her smile alone makes life so much more meaningful.

I tried to take 10-months pics and it was quite an ordeal. Home girl would not sit still!

Playing with her wall alphabets.

Tearing up the paper the month sticker came on.

Playing with her height chart. Thanks Amy & Abby for such an awesome gift!

My birthday continued into the weekend.

On Saturday, I went to get a wash and straighten since J was taking me out to dinner.
Then we dropped Jordan off for the evening and headed into DC for dinner. Hubby was taking me to one of our favorite spots. Fogo De Chao. Love that place!

So this was my "appetizer" plate :-).

My very yummy Brazilian drink. Can't remember what it is called but it was TASTY!!!

Hubby's drink. He got a White Russian. The thing on the plate next to the drink is parts of a fried banana. It tastes OK but hubby and I figured they serve that to help cleanse the palette a bit.

Since we were celebrating, we got a complimentary dessert. I ordered the Flan but hubby ordered the cheesecake. I think they got it mixed up but no worries. I got to make a wish and blow out my candle :-).

Here is my handsome hubby. This is what he looks like after a satisfying meal :-).

Here I am blowing out my birthday cake. Yes I did make a wish :-).

And here is my yummy dessert! :-). I think it had a million calories!


I made another dress yesterday for JOE. Will blog it tomorrow. Hope you had an awesome weekend!


  1. JOE is so sweet, i love her ABC wall. Her big brown eyes and remind me of AOI.

    Do you have any theme in mind for her first birthday? :)

  2. Your sister said the same thing! That's too funny :-). I do see the resemblance.
    We are going with a jungle theme with some girly sprinkles :-).

  3. I love Fogo too!! Nice place for a romantic birthday dinner with hubby. Glad JOE likes her growth chart!!!

    1. It sure was. If you're ever in the DC area, do let us know. Would be nice for our girls to catch up IRL :-).

      She LOVES that growth chart. Thank you so much! Its awesome to see her progress on there.

  4. I love that you continued to celebrate your birthday, that's my kind of celebration.

    JOE does not look impressed with your picture taking for her 10th month. I can't believe her 1st birthday will be here so soon.

    Love the last pic of you and hubby

    1. But of course. The entire month is for celebrating :-). I do love to extend it as much as I can.

      She was not impressed with the pics at all. She just wanted to play with the sticker and when I tried to get her to stand, she would bat my hands away. That girl has PERSONALITY!!!

      You and me both on the birthday. I feel like I just had her and everyday I see her get bigger, I am SHOCKED at how quickly time is just rolling on by.


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