Thursday, September 5, 2013

How I spent my birthday

It was an awesome birthday yesterday. I am now in a new age bracket and loving it :-). So far, its been FABULOUS!!!
The celebration started on Tuesday when I came home to this bouquet of fruits from Edible arrangements and a box of chocolate covered bananas, strawberries and apples. YUM YUM YUM!!! I am still feasting on fruits 2-days later.

I woke up around 7am on my birthday which is quite late for me but I wanted to get JOE ready to go to the Nanny's. I don't work on my birthday so I took the day off :-).

JOE was dropped off by her dad instead of being at home. I wanted a quiet house :-).
To kick off the day, this was my morning devotional reading from Our Daily Bread.

Definitely a special day for me :-). It was bound to be after that message :-).

After they left, I went for a long 3-mile walk. Then came home and feasted on some chocolate covered pineapples. YUM!!!

After getting some fruity refreshments, I decided to sew a skirt for JOE using this pattern I found on Pinterest. I figured it'll be my birthday gift to her since it is my first birthday as a mom :-).
It was pretty easy to follow and the hardest part was figuring out her measurement. After that, following the instructions was easy. It took me a total of about 80-minutes. I know it says 30-minutes but I had to undo a couple of seams twice because I didn't read the instructions properly.
The picture below is an example. I should have pinned it with the fabric on top the elastic and not below. I realized that after I took the picture :-).

Here's the finished product. I will put up another post tomorrow of my little princess wearing it. 

Couldn't find a plain short sleeved onesie so I used this one just to show what the complete ensemble will look like.

After sewing, it was off to the nail spa to get a manicure/pedicure. I haven't gotten one since the end of July because I have just been so gosh darn busy. It was nice to relax a bit and pamper myself :-).

When I got home, I noticed that JOE's birthday invitations and stickers had arrived. So I decided to get to work on those. 

Here is what the finished gift bags will look like.

A close up picture of the stickers on the gift bags. It reads "The Party is over, I'm officially ONE! Thanks for coming, I hope you had fun!"

These boxes will be filled with animal crackers since it is a jungle/animal themed party. This sticker reads "I really am glad you could make it!"

The birthday invite. I love the way it turned out.

Shortly after I finished, hubby arrived home with a cake and roses. This cake was DELISH! It is a buttercream frosting with chocolate mousse in the middle of the cake.

Hubby is so sweet. The roses represent each of us, hubby, J & JOE. 

We quickly changed and headed out for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We are going to go out and officially celebrate on Saturday but since its a weekday and we had JOE, we wanted to stay close to home.

Overall, it was an AWESOME birthday! I received so many text messages, emails, phone calls, cards and Facebook posts. I truly truly felt really special. 
The day really allowed me to reflect on God's goodness on my life and all I can say is "Thank you Lord for your awesome blessings in my life!"


  1. that skirt was such a great DIY project! i'm impressed.
    and happy belated birthday!!

    1. Thank you! It was a labor of love. I do enjoy doing things like this. Makes me feel like I am creating something :-).

  2. What a great birthday! Glad you enjoyed!

    The skirt is gorgeous! You did an incredible job on it!

  3. Oh you are birthday mates with my bestfriend! I remember reading that on our daily bread too! Happy belated birthday Hun! Xx

    1. Thank you thank you. She must be pretty exceptional to be born on the same day :-). I am partial to folks born on my birthday. :D

  4. Happy belated birthday! You definitely had a lovely day with lots of great gifts! And love the skirt project too!

    1. Thank you! And thanks for visiting! Hope you'll come back. Off to check out your blog now :-).

  5. I love that you took time for yourself to enjoy your day!! Love the toes!!

    1. Yeah. I started doing it not too long after I graduated. I had a couple of stressful jobs and on my birthday, it seemed like being at those jobs just made me so unhappy. So I decided I deserve to take one day each year to do WHATEVER I want to do that'll make me enjoy my day and make me thankful for my many gifts from God :-).

  6. Happy Birthday J. Such a great way to celebrate your birthday. I love that idea of taking the day off and pampering yourself on your special day. I might steal it :).

    1. Steal away! You certainly deserve one day of pampering :-).


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