Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Refashion DIY: Wrap skirt to 3/4 length skirt

I decided to venture into the world of adult sewing. BUT before doing that, I decided to first refashion something and make it into a skirt that I can wear. 

I have had this wrap skirt forever. It must be at least 12-years old! But I could never part with it because I have always loved the material. I am glad I saved it. 

So this is the original wrap skirt.

I used another skirt I already had that fit and cut it up with a 2-inch allowance just incase. 
I sewed a zipper on the side with the v-cut in the picture.

Final skirt. Not bad for a first go at my first DIY adult wear :-).

This is the side with the zipper. I re-attached the side ropes because I want to be able to tie a bow with it to cover the zipper somewhat.

Front view. These pictures were taken at night at the end of the day so I didn't want to include my wrapped and not so flattering look :-).

Expertise needed: Comfortable beginner. I only say comfortable because I added a zipper. It was my first time doing that and it took a little bit of effort. I finally ended up hand-sewing one side of the zipper because it just wasn't coming out right.
Total approximate cost: $0.00! Cost me nothing. I already had the material at home.
Time spent sewing: 1-hour. Would have been less if I didn't have to keep re-doing the zipper.
Feedback: I am glad I am able to use this material again. I have a few African materials that my mom has given me over the years that I haven't had a chance to wear to any events because there aren't that many. I am glad I can still make use of these materials as an everyday wear. 


  1. Look at you go, so proud! Gorgeous skirt. Loving the pattern!

    1. Thank you! :-). I used another skirt that I already had so the pattern wasn't really from me but I'll take credit for the sewing :-D


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