Thursday, September 19, 2013

Foolery: Things that made me go hmmm...

My heart bleeds for the victims and families of this tragedy! I work in DC so this hit close to home. I actually interviewed at the Navy Yard a few years back but declined the job because it did not offer a telework option.
What would possess someone to do something this horrible? What bothers me more is the fact that according to the news, he has a pattern of misconduct. If that was indeed the case, why wasn't he arrested and kept in jail after several infractions?
These victims were people serving their country. They did NOT deserve this.

Since the holidays are coming up and some folks will be renting cars. Take note of this. Car rental companies will now be using smart technology as opposed to foolish to determine if the gas tank is really full. No more eye-balling it by the folks who process your return. Make sure you fill up as close to the return location as possible to avoid charges.

On to other positive news. Good for this woman! As someone who also has a long name (by American standards), I think everyone should be able to write their name in full. Granted as an IT person, this is a computer programmer's nightmare when it comes to making changes to their programs to allow for this length but I think everyone should feel like they are recognized and shouldn't have to conform to the norm of shortening their names or coming up with a new shorter one.

Hurray for diversity!

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  1. The DC incident was just soooo sad!!! There are so many sick people out there. I used to work close by there too...scary! And I heard about ms America...exciting indeed!

    1. It sure is. And as more news comes out about this, it is hard not to really wonder how they missed this one. Very tragic.


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