Friday, August 30, 2013

Foolery: Things that made me go hmmm...

I missed this last week but wanted to still post about it.

I often spend time browsing through the internet when I am pumping in the evenings. I have since dropped my evening pumps so I will have to find another time to catch up on the world :-).

If you didn't see this, you should. I didn't watch the VMA awards but there was so much chatter about this that I had to find the clip on YouTube. I mean, REALLY? I was SHOCKED to see this. What happened to Hanna Montana? This girl is really very troubled and someone needs to get her some help. I refuse to believe that she actually thinks this is art. No way no how! This is not art. This is FOOLERY!,0,7040383.story

I was HORRIFIED when I read this article. I can't believe someone actually did this. Kudos to this lady for not focusing on it and moving forward.

I want to really grow my hair. It grew quite a bit when I was pregnant but post partum shedding and not having time to care for my hair has taken a toll on it. Trying to get back to where I was before. But I saw this article and had to scratch my head. How on earth does she carry this around?
Reading this article makes me feel like my efforts have not been in vain (NOTE: This is NOT a knock on women who didn't breastfeed or pump. Being a mom makes you AWESOME regardless).
Breastfeeding/nursing for me has been quite a challenge (latching issues, plugged ducts, mastitis...). I am glad to say that after 10-months, I will be stopping soon to get my body back before we start trying for another. I also have enough pumped milk to last JOE through 14-months. 


  1. You've got some crazy one's on here.

    The lady with the hair is crazy, I wouldn't want that for nothing.

    Racism is crazy I tell you. I just cannot believe all the stuff they did to that lady.

    YAY for Bfing.

    1. Lol...yup. That's why they made me go "hmmm..." :-).

      I can only imagine how heavy her hair must be to carry around. If she cuts it, does it count as weight loss?

  2. Wow! That hair, no words because I like to be polite.

    Miley, such a shame.

    Racism is ugly.

    1. Lol...I hear ya. Racism is ugly but I am glad that she lets things roll off her back.


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