Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Phone dump...my busy week

Its been such a busy few weeks and will be even busier in the next couple of weeks. But its been a good busy so I can't complain. 

I am doing a phone dump because I have a few pictures on there that I meant to blog but kept forgetting so I am just going to post them and comment on the pics. My version of a "lazy blog" :-).

We had a few friends over after our patio was completed. I made my first ever kabob. It was seasoned chicken gizzard and a couple of veggie ones for one of our guests who is a vegetarian. Quite YUMMY!

I think my sister has a problem with shoes. And these are NOT all her shoes! I do have shoe envy :-).

Hubby's "play pet" when he was young was Donald Duck. He "just knew" that JOE would love her pet duckling. Thankfully, that was not the case. She just sat there and starred at it :-). Hubby had just come back from work. Gotta love a man who isn't afraid to get down with his baby while still in his work clothes.

We went to MA last weekend for a family friend's wedding as well as time with family. Here is JOE (on the right) and her cousin who is 4-months younger on the left. My dad was having so much fun with them!

My family. Going home to MA just makes me feel really full. JOE was sleeping in her carseat so she's not in the picture. This is just a small number of us. I am one of SIX kids! That's my dad at the head of the table and my mom to his left.

Our community often has bunco night once a month. I made some banana chocolate chip pudding to take with us. It was quite tasty. I think I will be making it again for us to enjoy at home.

JOE is quickly GROWING! We got her a new "big girl" carseat. It is still backward facing but it is higher and isn't a carrier. She loves the extra space and the fact that she can now see more when we drive. Happy Baby!

Went for a walk last Friday to get cupcakes. I had to take a picture of this. You'll never see the monument like this again. Not unless there is another earth quack. It is being repaired.

Here is JOE playing with her cousin't legos at my parent's house. She had a blast with them!
Hope you had an awesome weekend. I will post pics from the wedding later on this week. It was a fun time!


  1. JOE is so adorable. And omgosh, I'm having shoe envy from all the shoes your sister has!!!


    1. Thank you! I am with you on the shoe envy. And she has some pretty cool shoes too. Too bad we are not the same size :-(

  2. Those shoes!! Gimme!!

    JOE is growing so nicely! I just love her head of curls! So cute!

    1. Lol...if only :-).

      She sure is growing really fast. I can't believe how much. She has REFUSED to let me comb her hair so for now, I just use my fingers to separate them. One less battle to fight after I give her a bath :-)

  3. I am in envy of JOE's head full of curls. So cute!

    1. Thank you.

      She doesn't let me comb hers though. It is always a battle and she often wins.

  4. Your sister has way too many shoes, must be a disease at this point. I must say, I love that they are so organized though ;).

    I love that pic of your dad with his granddaughters, that is just too cool.

    1. Lol...I have a lot of shoes too. I think its a thing with the women in my family :-).

      Yeah...my dad really loves his grand-babies :-).


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