Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another dress for JOE

I thought I blogged this a few weeks ago but I guess I didn't! I actually made this about a month ago for JOE. 

Remember this dress? JOE wore it a couple of times but then it got too small so I decided to make something bigger and I had some lessons learned so I put them into good use when I made this dress. 

The pattern and tutorial for this dress came from here

Here's the dress. 

The best part is that she can wear this one much longer. She wore it paired with a long sleeved onsie and leggings. 

Expertise needed: Comfortable beginner.
Total approximate time: This one took me about 2 hours. I knew what to do this time so I didn't have to keep going back to undo things afterwards. 
Total spent on sewing materials: I used leftover materials from the long jean skirt I made and the reversible dress so this one was "free" since I already accounted for the cost of the fabric in those posts.
Feedback: I love love love this dress and there is so much I can do with the pattern so I plan on making variations of it as JOE gets older. 

I just finished making a replica of this dress yesterday using a pattern I already have at home. I'll be sure to share that later.

Hope you're having an awesome week!


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