Monday, November 18, 2013

Say Cheese-y!!!

I hope you all had a nice weekend. We did our first outdoor photo shoot and I love the way the pictures turned out. I will be sure to share them later. For now, here is a delicious pull-apart cheesy biscuit I made yesterday. It was a hit! J loved it as did JOE. I got the recipe from Pinterest.

You'll need 4 things. Biscuits, Any hard cheese of your choice, 1-table spoon of butter and cooking spray for the pan. 

Melt in microwave.

I used the Wal-mart brand biscuit. I got the mini-ones so for this pan, I needed 2 rolls.

Spread each biscuit with your hand and wrap it around the cheese. Then arrange pre-sprayed pan. Use a brush and brush the melted butter over the biscuit rolls.

Bake in 400-degree oven for 16 minutes or until golden brown. Hubby likes his a little crusty.
Serve while still warm. Can be re-heated in the microwave.

This is perfect for the Fall/Winter season. It goes well with tomato or chicken noodle soup or even chilly.



  1. that looks SO good! i will make so soon!

  2. This looks yummy! I'll have to try it. Can't wait to see your family pictures!

  3. oh gosh had to do this for me when i am starving!!! looks so good!!!

    1. :-). It is yummy and you can do a low fat version with lower calorie options for the biscuit and cheese!

  4. J - this looks so yummy, I want to try some now

    1. Lol. It was. So easy top. I plan on making it for Thanksgiving.


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