Wednesday, November 27, 2013

30-Days of being thankful: Day 22-27

Its been a busy few days and I haven't been able to keep up with this. But I promised myself I will have one for each day so which it isn't being blogged on the day of, I do have reasons to be thankful.

Here they go!

Day 22:
Today, I am thankful for peace of mind.

I often take it for granted until something happens to shake my mostly calm thoughts. I have had a lot going on around me but with each day, God has showed me how to deal with/tackle different situations and I am thankful for that.

Day 23:
Today was a busy day but we were able to accomplish a lot. I am thankful for our new home. In prior years, we haven't really done a lot of decorating because we lived in a condo. This year, we are going to do a little more and I am thankful we are blessed to be able to do that.

Day 24:
I am thankful for sleep! This is another one I take for granted until I don't get enough sleep and then start eating a lot of being very cranky!
We went to get my car appraised in preparation for trading it in. After we got back home, hubby took the baby and attempted to let me sleep. I didn't sleep much. Only got 30-minutes but it felt like 3 hours!

Day 25:
Today, I am thankful for the ability to telework from home. We have had a couple of vandalism incidents in recent weeks but we haven't been able to catch the culprit. Since I telework on Mondays, I just happened to look out the window when I noticed a kid moving our down spout trays. It wasn't a big deal but at least now we know. Hubby and I are both in agreement that if it continues, we will approach the young man's parents but for now, we are happy it isn't a hate crime (yes, my mind went there! :-)) or something like that.

Day 26:
This is a double blessing day! I am thankful for my new car (I will blog more on that later). J & I took the day off so we could go car shopping without JOE. We figured it would work in our favor if we go towards the end of the month and in the middle of the week. We were right. We got a lot of attention and were able to walk out with a good deal. God is good!
Also, I am thankful for my awesome mom. Today is her birthday and each day, I am VERY thankful that God made me her daughter. She is truly a gift and she has blessed me and the rest of our family with so much that words cannot fully explain how much we lot and appreciate her. She is truly the Matriarch of our family!

Day 27:
Today, I am thankful for helpful co-workers who say positive words to uplift me. I have gotten some pretty nasty comments in the past in reaction to my marrying J and also having JOE. So it is always nice and refreshing to get a positive compliment from another co-worker.

The month is almost over and we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow. What are you thankful for?


  1. It is sad that we still live in a world where people think it's ok to say hateful thing when we marry someone outside of our race. Ive been called a sell out and names that I cannot even put on here. I know some who have married outside their race for all the wrong reasons but there are plenty of us who did so because we're truly in love with the person we're married to. That in itself can sometimes be difficult enough (embracing the different foods, traditions etc) but that can also be exciting. Some folks are just stuck on being ignorant and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

    1. Agreed. It really is.I just ignore the haters and keep it moving. :-)

  2. So much to be thankful for. I love this thankful series.

    We got the bookcase from Walmart it's actually from personalcreation but Walmart had a better price :). I love them because they are personalized too.

    1. Thank you! Off to check it out now. Hopefully, I will be able to find a good black Friday deal.


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