Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend festivities...T minus 3 to 1

The countdown has officially begun. My baby turns 1 in exactly 3 days! I cannot believe how quickly the time has FLOWN by! I mean, I can still remember being in labor and going to the doctor. Surely that wasn't a year ago? People weren't kidding when they say TIME FLIES!!!

We had a fairly busy weekend in preparation for JOE's birthday party next Saturday. 

On Saturday, we went for our regular family Saturday morning walk. Here is JOE all bundled up. 

J called it her Eskimo suit. Whatever! I didn't want my baby to get cold :-).

After our walk, it was time for breakfast. JOE has some scrambled eggs. YUM!

Fall is in the air! In the 11-years since I have lived in the DMV area, I have never seen such beautiful fall colors. For the first time this year, I am not longing to go home to New England to experience the fall foliage.

I made a couple of birthday DIY items this weekend. 

These are the table weights to tie the balloons. Its a jungle themed party so I wanted to stay with the theme. I got a couple of bags of stones from the dollar store and used snack bags and a string. Easy!

These are going to be used for playing games. The kids will have the option to knock them down. Knock all cans, win a prize. 

There's be 2 games. One is called "Knock 'em down" and the other is called "Add 'em up". For that one, they will be throwing the beanie bags I made into baskets. Each basket will have a position number. Score 10 or more points and win a prize. 

I also did a couple other items for her birthday but those will be revealed in the After the Party birthday recap post. 

Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. JOE is doing MUCH MUCH better as you can see from the pics. J & I are new parents and are learning new things each day. JOE saw the doctor and we were able to get her something that would make her feel better. 

Hope you all had an awesome weekend! 

Here's to a blessed week!!!


  1. i'm so happy to read that JOE is better! must feel so good to know that your sweet babe is alright. She is adorable in her eskimo suit :)

    i cannot believe that in 3 days she'll be one ... the time flew way too quickly.

    can't wait to see all your birthday preparations come together!

    1. Thanks! :-). 2-days. Hubby and I were talking about that this morning and how at this time last year, we were thinking "is today the day?" I am really happy and am looking forward to celebrating. I think we're both really happy that we made it through the first year!

  2. Wow that flew by! She is so gorgeous, and those eyes!! What a fun first bday party! Cant wait to see what else you did!


    1. It sure did. Can't believe Ronan is already 3 months! Enjoy every minute of it!

      Thank you!

      I'll definitely be sharing pictures after the party.

  3. Happy early birthday! Time does seem to go faster when you are chasing around a kid. :)

    1. Thank you! It does fly :-). Never fully understood that until my baby was born.

  4. 3 days, wow, how exciting. Glad to hear that JOE is doing well, it would suck to have a birthday while she is sick.

    I can't wait to see all the details of JOE's birthday, you worked so hard at it. So bummed that we won't be able to make it :(. We need to make a play date happen very soon :).

    1. Yup yup! And then I'll officially have a toddler on my hands!

      I hope I am able to get some good pictures to post. Still waiting to hear back from the designated photographer of the day...aka my brother :-D


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