Friday, November 8, 2013

Foolery: Things that make me go hmmm...

TGIF! I am so ready for the weekend!!! I took the day off since I have family in town.
I didn't do too much reading this week cause I was very busy but here are some of the foolery stuff I saw during the course of the week. Enjoy!

OK...There is NOTHING left to the imagination in this dress. Some might call it fashion but as Joan Rivers would say, "I say fash-whore". I am not calling her a whore. Just saying I am NOT a fan of this dress. What happens when she sits down? Doesn't look like she is wearing pasties either.

I am beyond speechless at this. I mean, I can't blame her for enhancing her looks to find a husband. People do it all the time. We wear makeup, dress up differently to attract a mate. BUT, I think the key thing is that they should have BOTH been honest with each other. I am curious though as to why he didn't see any of her childhood pictures while dating or before kids. Also, where the heck did she get $100,000 from to do plastic surgery?
Oh and for the man, come on! The kid could very well have taken after one of HIS relatives! And no kid is ugly! We are all uniquely made. Why the heck will he call his kid ugly? That means the child got 50% of the ugliness from him!
Just goes to show, you can change what's on the outside but not on the inside. Beauty is not skin deep and DNA does not lie!

Yes, I know women aren't the same size they were a few years ago but come on! Ever heard the saying "the customer is always right?" If I am paying big bucks for yoga pants, I expect that other's won't be seeing my butt through it!

Was riding on the train last week and saw this guy. I thought it was a Halloween wig but it was not! I actually did a visual inspection and purposely sat behind him. Now, that's what I call a "fro puff!" Hubby said it is "frotastic!"

Happy Friday everyone. Have a FABULOUS weekend! I am looking forward to celebrating JOE's birthday tomorrow!


  1. wow, wow, wow .... i can't believe he sued his wife and actually won. that is so sad. the kids will be heartbroken in the future. and his wife, yikes. kinda feel bad for her. they both should have been honest but i understand why in this society she wanted to be beautiful. :/

    that fro is frotastic! love it.

    have a great weekend ... can't wait to hear all about JOE's birthday party!

    1. I agree with you. I feel for those kids. Nothing like a constant reminder that a parent doesn't approve of their looks.

  2. Oye. That plastic surgery story is pretty sad.

    1. It sure is. I pray the woman and her kids are able to pick up the pieces and move on with their lives.

  3. I'm always slightly jealous of women who can wear next to nothing. She has a great body and wanted to show it off. But honestly if I did have a slim and fit body I wouldn't wear that. I'd be afraid of a wardrobe malfunction!

    When I read about that dude suing his wife I felt so bad for her! He is really mean. I agree with other appalled people that said that some of his daughter's looks come from him. Furthermore I agree with you about him never seeing any past photos of her. Mostly, I hope his children never find out about this or at least they don't get half of his brain. I also hope the ex-wife is able to pick up the pieces and move on.

    I hadn't really read too much about the Yoga pants story but I did see it pop up in my blog reader a few times. I haven't read the full story yet but it's not sounding too good.

    1. Lol! I am with you. I would be too afraid of a wardrobe malfunction. The dress is just too risque for me.

      I pray the woman and her kids are able to pick up the pieces and move on and turn their backs on this self-centered man.

  4. LOL at the man on the always scared of taking pics on the metro because i worry they will hear me. this is classic. and oh wow about the plastic surgery...can she feel her face??

    1. Yeah. I had to sneak in the pic. It was easier since I saw behind him and I silenced my phone's shutter click sound.

  5. I'm like ehhhh with the dress. mmm with the plastic surgery and wow with the frontastic hair :)


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