Friday, November 15, 2013

Foolery: Things that make me go hmmm...

I just finished listening to one of her books on CD and am really motivated to make a lot of the changes she suggested. Just ask J :-).
This article made me a little iffy about her as a person. I mean, the least she could have done is to apologize. I don't advocate for supplements to aid in weight loss but to each their own. I do feel bad for the contestants though. They did have the option to just say no.

All I can say is wow...just wow! I mean, REALLY? I was BEYOND speechless to read this article. The most troubling piece being this statement "Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen sets high bar for what qualifies as racist," New York magazine's Dan Amira wrote. "It's not 'racist' to gag at the sight of an interracial family. It's just ... a sign of being troubled ... by ... the mixing of races."
I had to ask hubby about this one cause I couldn't understand. What is troubling? There is beauty in variety! Just look out your windows at the fall colors. 

This is different. I am sure it is safe but I will wait until there's been MANY MANY MANY more tests before I consider one. At a price of $535 USD, that's more than my bike currently costs! Check out the video. It is somewhat impressive. If you don't want to watch the entire thing, the actual demo starts at 2:30.

This is just wicked cool! I am going to have to try it out and see :-).

Have a safe and fabulous weekend! We are taking our holiday family pictures this weekend and we are very excited. It'll be out first outdoors photo session :-).


  1. honestly i didn't even get caught up into the whole JM debacle...and i saw the last picture too and thought it was pretty cool too...and how fun is the outdoor pic going to be!! i have yet to get professional pictures sad!

    1. Girl, there are so many deals on groupon. Check them out.

  2. Ah dang...I guess you and I are both troubled people! LOL! Craziness! Oh well...People will always say the dumbest things! Can't let it get to us ;) Good luck with the photos! They are going to turn out amazing!

    1. Yeah. People do say the stupidest things sometimes.

  3. That's like a bike airbag! I wonder if it would get approved in the US... And I must say while my mom and I have a similar complexion I have most of my dad's features. He is a lot darker than I am so most people don't think I look like him but I do!

    1. It could possibly be approved but in Europe, a lot more people bike ride so I can see this being a hot seller there. Not so much here since we don't have a lot of dedicated bike lanes.


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