Tuesday, November 5, 2013

When in Spain...

In 2010, my sister and I visited 3 cities in Spain. We went to Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. We had such a great time and truly enjoyed the food and culture.

I tried Paella (pronounced pa-ay-yah). It was awesome. Had it just about every day while we were there.
We visited the Olympic village (yup...it is still a tourist attraction 21 years later). We didn't really see the running of the bull but we walked by a stadium where it is done.

OK...I am sure you don't care about the whole narrative so here are pictures from our Spain Adventures.

A Prime Minister lived here. So we took a picture :-).

Turns out most of the cathedrals in Valencia used to be mosques! Did you know that? I never did.

My beautiful sister. 

Check out the paining on this building. Made me want a fruit salad!

The palace where the royal family lives. Kinda reminded me of the front of Versailles in France.

Paella!!! Yum! And a glass of wine. Made it all go down nicely :-D

We walked and walked and walked to find this place. By the time we got there, we just wanted to turn around and go home! Its similar to the one in Paris!

My beautiful sister.

See the guard there? He was saying "don't touch, don't touch!" :-)

Yup...another couple getting married. That's a common theme on all my travels. I now make it a point to take a picture of the couple. Notice the guy kinda looks like Robert Patterson from the Twilight movies?

This place reminded me of inside the Vatican.

Crepes and Sangria. Lunch of champions!!! :-D

Check out this building. It was designed by Gaudi. His buildings are meant to be functional and they look wicked cool!

Another Gaudi design.

Why did I take a picture of this? Other than the fact that I take pictures of all the places? Well, because we were looking for this place FOREVER!!! And apparently, the reason no one knew where it was was cause we weren't pronouncing it right. We were supposed to extend the "R". As in "Rrrrrrrrrrreeeeeiiina". I kid you not!

They do the running of the bulls at that stadium. It looks like the Colosseum in Rome doesn't it?

Never had pizza with tuna on it. This was a first. It was definitely an acquired taste. The orange sangria made it go down smoother though :-).

Yup...another couple getting married :-D. And we just sat in the Cathedral like we were invited guests :-D

I thought this was pretty cool. The buildings went on forever.

A Matador! Wicked!

We attended an outdoor concert in Barcelona.

Ummm...what's for dinner? This was very disturbing art. It is a depiction of John The Baptist's head as requested by Salome in the bible.

Another picture of Salome and the head of John The Baptist.

Now, THAT's what should be on a plate. Paella!!!

A real hand of one of the saints from the 15th century. All I can say is...ummm...OK!

This was just too funny not to take a picture of. At first I was thinking SPIDERMAN! But then, he turned to the side (you have to tip them to take a picture of them) and I thought Alfred Hitchcock!

No more monks going up to ring the bell. Not it is electronic. They push a button and it rings. Check out the wiring on this thing. How far technology has come!

I was looking around to see if I'd find Superman or Clark Kent. At last, he did not appear :-(

Yup. More paella!

Inside one of the many mansions we visited. How cool is this place?

If you're a regular follower, you know I love taking pictures of signs cause I think they are so cool!

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in Spain. I hope to one day go back with my family. I loved the food, the people and the culture. It is definitely worth visiting if you ever get the opportunity!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Looks like a fun trip and you have great pix to prove it. That Spiderman was awesome!

    1. It definitely was a fun trip. Yeah...years later, I still laugh when I see pictures of that Spiderman!

  2. What a great trip. I love that your sisters are your travel buddies. Reason number 1 I know I did good by giving my kids siblings, they'll always have someone to do fun stuff with.

    Looks like you ladies had an awesome time and ate a lot of paella :). I died laughing when I read that you went to somebody's wedding just because, that is so something I would do.

    You know, my hubby and I actually met in Barcelona almost 9 years ago (geez), so Spain always hold a special place in my heart.

    I am loving your trips down memory lane.

    1. It sure was. I really enjoyed traveling with my sister. She was my travel buddy for a long time. Now, she has her new travel buddy (her fiance). We are all hoping to do a sister's trip sometime in the next couple of years.

      I know...I ate A TON of paella :-).

      Awww....that is so sweet that you met your hubby in Spain! You both have to go back with the boys and walk them through the places you visited together while there. :-)

  3. So jealous! I've never been anywhere outside of the U.S:( Spain is beautiful!!!

    1. It is fun! If you ever have the opportunity, I say GO for it!!!

      Thanks for stopping by. Come back again!

  4. I grew up eating Paella and it is one of my favorite dishes! I really want to go to Spain one day- it looks like your trip was awesome!

    1. It sure was fun. You should if you every get the opportunity. It is a beautiful country. I plan on making or rather, attempting to make paella for hubby since he's never had it.
      Do you have a recipe you can share?


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