Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend dedication & more DIY

It was a fun but VERY busy weekend. My family came to town to celebrate JOE's dedication at church. It was awesome to be surrounded by friends and family from bother sides. JOE truly is a lucky gal. In true fashion she did great all day yesterday and proceeded to be a crying mess after we got home. Its all good. She slept from 8pm until 7:15am this morning. SCORE!

Here she is with her aunt/godmother.

I made good on my promise and had a dress made for her from my wedding gown. It looked great on her and I am glad I did it. We are also having a romper made for a boy incase our next one or the one after is a boy :-). I am keeping the top of the dress and will have a different colored skirt added to it later. Perhaps it I can wear it for our 10-year anniversary. That dress will certainly be put to good use! It cost a pretty penny afterall and I refuse to only get 6-hours of wear out of it :-).

JOE with her grandparents (my parents).

More pics on JOE's dedication later. The photog (my brother) had to leave early to catch a train back to NYC so he couldn't download the pics before leaving.

More DIY Projects

I saw this picture on Pintrest and wanted to recreate something similar.

J & I inherited this buffet from J's grandmother.

I got the frame from eBAY. I already had the mirror. The glassware was from our unity candles and also a couple of flower vases I have received in the past from J. My dad used painter's tape to cover the areas we wanted to protect and I went to work on this. It took a total of about 1 hour to paint and a full day to dry. 
Here's the finished work.

Buffet: Free
Glassware: Free
Stones in vases: Already had these at home
Frame: $35

Flowers: $24 (from Michaels. They were on sale @ $3.97 a piece)
Paint for frame: $6 (2-small bottles of glossy black paint)
Brushes: $1 (got 2 @ $0.49 per brush)

Another flower vase I received from J in the past. He buys me flowers often. I love that man...

Candle holders: Free (we already had these at home. They were a gift to J from way back when)
Vase: Free
Flowers: $12 (they were on sale for $3.95 from Michael's)

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


  1. I love that a dress was made from your wedding gown for JOE. Such a neat idea!

    JOE is beautiful!

    I love what you're doing in your home. Looks so good!

  2. wow, I love your buffet make over, looks so glam now!


  3. I love what you've done with the buffet. I have a very similar one I got from an auction...might steal your idea. JOE looks so adorable in your her dedication dress, you are definitely getting your money's worth from it!!!

    1. Go ahead. It didn't cost much to do the makeover.

      Do post pics when you're done with yours.

  4. Look at you becoming quite the DIYer. I am so proud of you, cant' wait to see the many ways that you are going to turn your house into a home.

    Happy dedication to JOE, so glad that the family was able to make the trip to celebrate with you guys.

    That was definitely a fun weekend

  5. It looks awesome! Pinterest is great for inspiration!

    1. It sure is. I love going there for ideas.

      Thank you.

  6. Look at the gown...she is too cute!!


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