Monday, April 8, 2013

Beautiful weekend and nursery pics

It was a pretty good weekend. J, JOE managed to get a lot done. 

On Saturday after J left for class, JOE and I hung out at home for a bit before bundling up and heading out for a walk. JOE really enjoyed the walk. She smiled at everyone and was a little chatterbox. Thankfully, the weather warmed up while we were walking so we were able to stay out for a bit longer. 
After we got home, we got cleaned up and headed to Michaels to get some items to complete JOE's nursery and also to frame the mirror I have. 
I thought it'd be OK to take JOE out of her carseat and just wear her in the baby bjorn while shopping. Hmmm...not the best idea. She got really fussy after about 20-minutes of browsing. I had to quickly pay and leave the store. No fun! Lesson learned though. She's not ready for that yet. I think she still needs her stroller and/or her carseat. Oh well!

Sunday, we made it to Church somewhat on-time (as in before the sermon :-)) and then we headed to the in-laws. J's aunt and godmother will be making JOE's baby blessing (similar to a baptism) gown using my wedding gown. I figured I won't be wearing it again and this was a good way to make use of the very AMPLE material from the dress. I will share pics after it is made. 

After Church, we came home and relaxed for a bit. We were planning on getting our patio done but after getting some estimates, we are going to wait until next year to get it done. Plus one of the guys who came out CREEPED ME OUT!!! He said "your daughter is very cute. Can I hold her?" Ummm...I don't know you from jack! Needless to say, even though every fiber in my body was screaming to run, I just said "" Hubby added "first time protective mom and all." Hubby said I handled it well :-).

So here are some pics of JOE's nursery. We are almost done! The window valence go up tonight and then it'll be done! I like the way everything turned out. I think JOE does too :-).

The room BEFORE transformation.

The room AFTER transformation.

I got the letters, stars and base board from Michaels. I sprayed them and used tacky glue to attach the letters to the board. Then put a ribbon on the back and hung it up on her door.

Total cost for all materials including taxes was $18. 
Total time spent was about 30-minutes.

I got vinyl wall decals from
Total cost for decals: $24
Total time spent putting it up: 1-hour (J had to help me put up the higher ones and JOE was quite fussy during the process)

I got these letters from amazon as well. I thought it was a good way for her to learn her ABCs. It is on the wall across from JOE's crib.
Total cost: $12.99
Total time spent putting them up: 20-minutes

I got 3-frames from Michaels. My goal was to make framed 3-D art to put on JOE's wall.

This frame is of her foot print card and bracelet from when she was born. Written on it are her stats...Date of Birth, Weight, Time of birth and length.
Cost for frame: $4.99 each
Time spent putting it together: Less than 10-minutes.

The toy chest was a gift from J's co-worker. The colors go so well with her nursery.

I framed 2-cards I received from my baby shower. I thought the cards were perfect to use so I kept them after my shower.
Cost for frame: $4.99 each
Time spent putting it together: 20-minutes total

Clearly, my 3-D framing skills is a work in progress but so far so good.

The last item are her window valence. They go up tonight.

J also scored a couple of pairs of sunglasses while we were out. Here she is feeling really cool :-).

Hope you had a nice weekend!


  1. Um that guy is creepy, wow. You handled it very well :)

    I love her room! You did an amazing job!

    And JOE in her sunglasses, so, so cute!

  2. The nursery is so beautiful, love how you itemized everything. Look at you DIY lady. So proud of you.

    Sorry JOE doesn't like the baby bjorn much. Tman didn't either but Jbird loves it. Maybe your next baby will too.

    Love that pic of JOE, she looks like such a happy baby.

    1. Thanks. Yeah...hopefully, one kid loves it. I was thinking of getting a different carrier with better back support cause the baby Bjorn I have doesn't give enough especially with JOE getting heavier.

  3. Great job on the nursery! I am so happy your turning your new house into a home! I am also loving the wedding gown into baptismal gown for your baby girl. I did the same for Abby and have no regrets. Hopefully the gown will turn into a family heirloom!

  4. beautiful, love it every detail is so well selected :)


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