Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sole food...

For the last week/week and half, JOE has been steadily eating more and more and more.
At her 4-month appointment, her pediatrician said to start her on solids sometime between 4 and 6-months. I didn't want to start her on solids because I wanted her exclusively on breastmilk until 6-months. However, JOE's system has a mind of its own.
JOE started getting hungrier and hungrier. I finally called the nurse's line yesterday just to see if perhaps something was up and was told that she likely needs more calories. I have really enjoyed being her exclusive source of food and now I have to introduce solids. It was a bitter/sweet day for me. Bitter as in I am losing my place as her sole food provider and sweet as in my baby is growing!

So, I decided her first meal would be peas. I broke out the new Cuisinart processor we got as a wedding gift that was still in its box (yes, we were married almost 2-years ago and still have unopened wedding presents:-)).
J washed all the parts while I steamed up the peas. I put it in the food processor and added some breastmilk to thin it out a bit. Then we got JOE ready for her first solid meal.

She was more interested in the spoon.

Here we go!

Hmmm...I am not sure what that was but it wasn't half bad.

Again? Ummm...how about I take the spoon and do it myself?

I like the spoon...its quite yummy...Not sure about this green stuff so I am going to force it out with my tongue.

Oh well...she made it through relatively OK. I was expecting the worse but she did GREAT! Barely had a half a teaspoon though. Attempt #2 tonight.

On another unrelated and completely silly note, my car hit 150k miles on Sunday on our way to Church. She's been a reliable friend for the last 10-years and I hope she keeps up the good work!

Hope your week is going well!


  1. I love her expressions trying her peas! Too cute. Glad it went well!

    That's awesome! I remember when Sean and I hit 100k on our last car. We got drinks and celebrated, haha.

  2. Those are great pictures! She's adorable.

  3. Lol, was it only a little less than a teaspoon! That's just too cute, haha. Looks like she had fun though, especially with the spoon!

  4. Awww, this is so sweet. Love seeing pics of you and JOE. Have fun with feeding.

    150,000 miles, girl you are running that car to the ground.

  5. cute pie! just TOOO CUTE as always :)


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