Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cotton Anniversary!

Hubby and I marked our cotton (2-year) anniversary yesterday. We went out to dinner on Sunday to have an early celebration.
It was so much fun. We were giggling like silly teenagers. Because of the car my hubby drives, I haven't been able to sit in the passenger seat whenever we have JOE in the car. Well on Sunday, we dropped her off at the babysitter's house and I got in front! It was nice to be driving "shot-gun". We even held hands for a bit and then hubby needed his hand back to properly navigate :-).

We went to Fogo De Chao for an early dinner.

Here is hubby EAGERLY anticipating the arrival of the next meat. My hubby LOVES to eat and is ALWAYS hungry. I don't know where he puts it but his healthy appetite is admirable. Plus he always looks good...granted, he does exercise so that helps a bit but no way his exercising burns off all the calories he consumes!

Apparently, the "Parmesan chicken" guy didn't get there quickly enough. It is important to note that JOE has that same scowl when she is upset :-). tastes quite good. I guess it was somewhat worth the wait.

Oh I LOVED these cheese puffs. We have been here many times before and I never tried them. Not sure why but this time, I decided to try it and they tasted divine! I had like 3...maybe 4 or 5...I lost count :-).

J has ALWAYS raved about the mozzarella and cherry tomatoes here. I had never tried it and just thought he was going overboard when he said it was the best he's ever had. Even when we were in Italy, he said these were better. Well, I HAD to try it. Ummm...he was RIGHT (I don't say that too often so hopefully, he sees this and saves it for his records :-))! This was my second plate. And I finished EVERY SINGLE LAST BIT of it!

For dessert, I had the custard flan and J had the NY Style Cheesecake with strawberries. His dessert was complimentary. They even wrote "Happy Anniversary" with some of the strawberry sauce. Fret not...ALL of the dessert was gone before we left. Including the sauce...yup...that's how we roll :-).

Had to take a picture of the menu. Not sure why. I guess I am a photog in training? Nah...this was just for fun.

In front of the restaurant. We had such a blast. I laughed so much I was in tears most of the evening. I LOVE my hubby sooooo much and he truly is a blessing to me. I LOVE him even more for giving me our little blessing JOE.

On to gifts. Again, J, LOVES TO EAT! So when I went to Wal-mart to do some household shopping and saw this, I couldn't resist getting it for him. He loves them so much, he posted on Facebook!

I also got him a couple of cotton dress shirts and tie hangers. J has lots of ties and they always fall whenever he goes in the closet to get one. I figured he'd be able to put these to good use.

For me, I am always cold so he got me my very own blanket and had my name monogrammed on there. It is in Tiffany blue which was one of our wedding colors.

He also got me slippers cause the in-door slippers I have has survived MANY MANY MANY years. I stole them (he knows I took them) from my dad senior year of high school. Let's just say high school was almost 19-years ago :-). So yes...they have made it that long. J also had my initials monogrammed on my new slippers.

I also got a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I LOVE yellow roses.

AND dinner from Chipotle. He even got my order right. I typically like to add and take out different things and he didn't even call me to get the order right. He must have been paying attention all these years.

We had a great anniversary. Looking forward to the next 65-years with him. I told him after 65-years, I'd want a divorce not because I don't love him but because after 67-years, I'd want to go back to the dating pool. I could get me a younging...perhaps an 85-year old since we'd both be 100 at that point :-).

Hope you're having an awesome week. I am looking forward to my family coming to visit this weekend.


  1. Happy Anniversary you guys. Looks like such a great celebration. You are making me want to go to Fogo se chao now :).

    I am loving the beautiful and thoughtful gifts.

    1. Thank you! I love that place. If we can swing it, we'll be going there again sometime soon.

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    Sounds like the two of you had such a great time together! I love that the both of you laughed so much :)

    That tomato and mozzarella looks delish!

    Great gifts too! I'm glad you had a great time celebrating!

    1. Thank you! We had an awesome time.

      The mozzarella and tomato were DELISH!

  3. Awwwww, happy anniversary J&J. This was honestly such a cute post, you guys are an adorable couple! Wishing you many more happy and fulfilling years.x

  4. Happy Anniversary Joy.. Have a great day.

  5. happy anniversary my dear. you look great in that dress :)

    1. Thank you! Its one of a few dresses that actually fits. Looking forward to when I am not too top heavy :-).

  6. happy anniversary my dear. you look great in that dress :)

  7. Happy 2 year anniversary. By the way you look beautiful in that dress.

    1. Thank you! I love the color of the dress. :-)

  8. Happy looked beautiful!!


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