Monday, June 9, 2014

DIY Monday: The best laid plans.

We had a pretty busy weekend. Our original plan was to relax, watch a movie and not do much since last week was an especially busy week for us. But you know what they say about the best laid plans?...

On Saturday morning, I got up and made us our usual nutella banana crepes. You know its a family favorite when my daughter knows whats on the pan even before I am done making it :-). She's a smart one. 
Anyways after breakfast, we were cleaning up the dishes and were about to go out for our family walk and the following conversation occurred:
J: So, it should be a pretty easy day today. We can go grocery shopping and come home to relax. 
Me: OK. But I want to make a few stops and get some stuff for the front of the house. 
J: (rolling his eyes) what now?
Me: Well, remember you agree to let me add more to the front of the house? Well, I want to do that today. 
J: OK. I don't like this stuff (meaning DIY stuff) but I know it'll look nice and it makes you happy so let's do it! 

Hubby scored points. He clearly knows the saying "happy wife, happy life" :-).

Anyways, 2-hours later, we had our rose bed. Excuse the picture quality. It was sunny and I failed to realize that there was a smudge (thanks JOE) on my camera lens.

When I read up on this, it seemed like a quick 30-minute task. Ummm...this took TWO HOURS!!!

Granted, we had to take turns going back in the house since we didn't want JOE out in the sun too long. 

Up close and personal. I think I'll add brighter colors to the bed. The purple came out too dark. Will give it a week and then decide.

Finished product.

The purple is starting to grow on me but still undecided. We planted red and pink roses.

Before and after shots. The top picture is from when we first planted the other stuff a few weeks ago. The after picture shows it all blooming. I love it!
And since no post will be complete without my pretty little princess, here she is hanging on me. The child is practically GLUED to be! I love my mini-me :-).

Oh and 2 new statements she surprised us with this weekend?
"Give me that!" and "Hold this". She is constantly amazing me with her words!

Told her to smile and this is what I got. Gotta love her sense of humor.
Well, its a new week and we are that much closer to our vacation. YAY!!!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!


  1. The flowers look great! My mom did this every year in front of our house so this is very nostalgic.

  2. The flowers look really good, I would keep it!

    And the smile she gave you, so, so cute!

    I still get surprised when I hear my niece or nephew speak ... I'm like, how do you know what that means? LOL.

    And banana nutella crepes sound amazing!

    1. Thank you! Yup...I am constantly being surprised everyday by how much she says and uses accurately.

      Its our staple. I have even mixed things up a bit and its still a hit with hubby and JOE :-).

  3. I am a huge fan of flowers, especially roses and your flowers looks amazing.

    Your daughter is just as adorable as ever... :)

  4. fabulous is that idea...super cute!! love her hair braid....we have to get together this summer with the kids!! She is getting so big!!

    1. Thank you!

      We absolutely do! They grow up too fast!!!


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