Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Photo Dump Wednesday: JOE's world

Whew! Its been a crazy few weeks and it hasn't really slowed down as much as I thought it would. Coupled with that, I recently switched jobs to one with more responsibilities. I also changed my work hours due to the new job so that's kept things rather busy in our neck of the woods. Hopefully, things'll settle down after our vacation this year. 3-more weeks!!!

I'll be giving clues each week to our next vacation destination. More details to come in my next posting. Kinda like a "Where in the World are the 3-Jays?" series :-).

In any case, it is PDW! I missed last week due to our busy schedule (see above ^). This week's posting is all about JOE! My little girl is growing up so much! She talks A LOT! And I don't mean she just says a word here or there. She puts 3 or 4 words together and says quite a bit! Examples of some of the words she uses on a regular basis are: 
"where did you go?"
"where are you?"
"daddy (or mommy), I'm coming!"
"I miss you!"
"See you soon!" 
"How are you?"

In case you were wondering, her dad is in Public Relations so it should come as  no surprise that she takes after him as far as talking. And let me just say that she is very clear so even if you didn't know her and heard her for the first time, you'd know exactly what she was saying to you. :-)

Here are some pictures taken in the last few weeks that I haven't been able to post. 

JOE's bathtime. She arranges ALL her bath toys and wants them just so. She wanted her dadda to see this so I took a picture and sent it to him. 

JOE "let us" do her hair a few weeks ago. By "let us", I mean, J has to hold her and I do it. Its such a chore!!!

She clearly didn't care but I thought it turned out rather cute :-).

Her precious! If you've seen the Lord of The Rings trilogy, you know what I mean :-).

Happy JOE

Serious JOE

Playful JOE

Smiling JOE

Flirty JOE

JOE's board arrived! And she got dressed up for mother's day. 

She loves playing with this board. I am glad since it was "free"

The board arrived with this damage. I took pictures and sent it to the seller via Amazon.

Here's what it looked like after it was set up. Unfortunately, J didn't notice it before he put it together.

We called Amazon and they said to just keep it and they would refund us the cost. SCORE! Free board.

Hope you're having an awesome week so far!


  1. She is so, so cute! Too funny that y'all have to hold her down but it turned out adorable!

    Love all the JOE pictures!

    And talk about great service, love when a company does stuff like that ... although I'm sure you would have preferred it without the damage.

    I can't wait for the hints for where y'all are going. I'm not sure if you meant that you are starting the hints with this post or the next few ... because I have an idea ;).

    1. :-). Thank you! Doing her hair right is definitely NOT my favorite part of the week :-(.

      Posted hints. I won't confirm or deny until after our trip :-).

  2. Aaawww... she is so adorable and her hair looks very pretty. By the way, I have seen Lord of the Rings so I know exactly what you meant... lol.

    1. Thank you!

      LOL..Hubby and I are always joking about her precious :-).

  3. i love her hair great work. she is so cute. clever little girl already talking a lot :). now I'm super curious about your holiday destination

    1. Thank you! She is definitely a talker. We panic when she doesn't talk much cause its often a sign that something is off.

  4. Oooh, I want to play the game of where are the 3 Js going. Hints please. We are off to Colorado with all 3 kids for my BFF's wedding. It will be our first trip with all 3, God help us :).

    I am loving all the pics of JOE. Every time I see pics with her teeth, I am like YAY for teeth since you were somewhat worried about it.

    That red and black dress is the I hope you took a family pic in that.

    1. Colorado will be so much fun! I have never been but my sister visited a few years ago and said she looks forward to going back. baby now has 11 chompers! LOL.

      Sadly, we didn't take pictures in the dress :-(. I have to remember to do so next time she wears it. Great suggestion. Thank you!

  5. Such cute pics! I am glad amazon refunded you the money- great customer service!

    I'm loving J's dress! It's so cute. And great job on her hair too!

    1. Thank you!

      That's why I stick with Amazon cause they take their customer service seriously.

  6. Cute, cute, cute! These are very fun pics!


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