Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DIY Monday: Our new kitchen backsplash

This is a little late but since yesterday was a holiday for me, I am posting this today.

We had an extremely busy weekend. In addition to interviewing potential candidates to be JOE's nanny, we decided to tackle the task of doing our kitchen back-splash. 

We bought the materials a few months ago and its been sitting in our basement. We figured it was an easy enough task to do. That proved to be a bit of a challenge. The actual task took about 8-hours on Saturday. Then on Sunday, it took another 3-hours to grout and clean the tiles. On Monday, we decided to tackle around the outlets and that took another 2-hours. 
Overall, we love the way it turned out and it adds a little more character to our kitchen. We are happy we did it and even though we encountered some challenges along the way, it was well worth the money we saved if we had hired someone to do it. 

So here's the before picture. We took out the outlet covers and covered up the gas range.

Materials for the backsplash.

Yay!!! We're half way there...yay!!! living on a prayer! At this point, we were praying we would be able to figure out how to tackle around the outlets.

Mostly done.

All done.

YIKES! We have to cut glass tiles to put around those areas. I feel like even the outlets are saying "oh oh!"

JOE letting us know she likes the new kitchen backsplash.
Expertise needed: Well, seeing as how we have never done anything like this before, I guess ANYONE can do it.
Total Approximate Time: 13-hours. I thought it'll take us no more than 4-6 hours for such a small space. Boy, was I wrong!
Total spent on materials: These are glass tiles and were being discontinued by Home Depot so it was deeply discounted. We took everything they had just incase we needed more than we measured...we accounted for mistakes. With materials and everything, it cost approximately $260 for everything.
Feedback: J & I are starting to catch our strides as far as doing more DIY together. It used to be that we'd argue the entire way through about how to do it but now, we each let each other work based on their strengths and we agree to work as a team. We really love the way it turned out and are now thinking about doing around our fireplace. I think we just might. I am scouting Pinterest for ideas.

Current fireplace:

Possible fireplaces:

I like this but the tiles look a little too similar to our kitchen tiles. I would love to paint the mantle a darker color but I am afraid it might darken the room. 

Using stones for the fireplace as opposed to tiles. If we do this, we'll have to get it professionally done. I don't think J & I can tackle the task of cutting the stones to precision. I do like stone fireplaces though. Originally, we were going to stone it all up but we are not sure we want that.

Another idea. I liked the additional accent stones around the fireplace. It kinda frames it. 
We are still undecided on this task and will likely paint some more around the house before we come back to this one. I'll post an update when we make a decision. 

Update on nanny search:
We are still looking for a nanny. We were hoping to make an offer to someone today but so far, she's been MIA and hasn't been able to provide her references. That's a concern for J & I so we're back to the drawing board. 
Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. It is VERY MUCH appreciated.


  1. Oh wow J the backsplash looks
    amazing...have you guys always been so handy?!? And I hope
    You were able to find an awesome for JOE...happy snow day!!

    1. :-). Thank you! We weren't sure of the color of the grout after we applied it but we have since decided that we made the right decision with that color. Glad I didn't go with all black. I would have hated it.

      We haven't always been very handy. I am more the DIY person. I am slowly but surely getting hubby comfortable with it. When in doubt, we Google it and then watch YouTube videos. It is awesome! I think I gain my confidence of doing this stuff from watching the videos online.

      Thank you! I believe God will send us the right person.

      Happy Snow day to you as well. Hope you are enjoying some extra snuggle time with your hubby and baby!

  2. Awww, it looks great Joy, DIY projects together on your own house are so rewarding!

    1. Thank you! :-). It is nice working on a blank canvas. The only issue is if I hate it after, I have to live with it or do it over again :-). I can't blame anyone else but me.
      So far though, its all been stuff I like.

  3. J, you are one amazing DIYer I swear, that back splash looks so professional. Great color choice as it goes so well with the rest of the kitchen. Do you want to come do my back splash pretty please :).

    That nanny search is so tough. So sorry you haven't found anyone, I hope it happens very soon. Enjoy your snow day today, I know I am :)

    1. :-). Thank you! It was definitely a challenging task but I am glad we did it. Now, the fireplace doesn't seem so daunting. I think we'll do more painting around the house though before we tackle the fireplace.

      It sure has been tougher than we anticipated finding a nanny but I am sure the right person will come along. Thanks for the positive thoughts.

      Will do! You do the same. Get some extra snuggle time with your babies! I have to telework but at least I am at home and hubby is with JOE.

  4. the backsplash looks great! We are working on our little kitchenette down stairs and thinking about doing it ourselves. Glad to hear it wasn't hard, but 13 hours!? Yikes! But our kitchenette is tiny so that helps :) Would you do it again?


    1. Thank you! I think it took us 13-hours because we weren't prepared for tackling around the outlets. That took up a lot more time than we anticipated. And also cutting the glass tiles. That required measuring and cutting for the specific space.
      I would absolutely do it again. Watch some YouTube videos. You'd be amazed as to how "easy" it is. Although, if you can find childcare for Ronan during that time, I highly encourage it. It was a bit of a pain wearing JOE when she wouldn't sit still. Home girl, is not exactly a light weight :-).

  5. Looks great Joy. I love DIY projects too. Im working on my house little by little too. Curtains and fans are next.

    1. Thanks Tamara. I love DIY stuff as well. Gives the home a personal touch.

      We did our fans shortly after moving in. Don't forget to turn off the power to those areas before you start installing the fans.

      I want to do curtains but John is undecided so for now, we'll wait. Do post pictures when you are done with your projects. I love seeing pictures of DIY projects :-).

  6. the first fireplace photo reminds me of your new kitchen backspalsh (awesome job you guys, btw, it turned out great) and I think that style would tie in nicely - I noticed your kitchen had an open section/half-wall and I assumed you'd be looking into the fireplace room.

    1. Thank you! We haven't decided on what we want to do yet with the fireplace but hopefully, we will sometime in the next couple of months. Right now, finishing our basement is the focus.
      Your observation is correct :-).


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