Friday, January 17, 2014

Mixed blessings

Last weekend was mixed for me.

So if there ever was a reason to turn off your phone when you go to bed, this here is a good reason! I got up to use the restroom a little after 4:00am on Sunday morning. When I got back to bed, I decided to check my emails (bad, bad bad idea!). Anyways, I saw that I had gotten an email from JOE's nanny. I proceeded to open it and read it and it made my heart sink. She was giving her notice :-(. I was so sad about it, I couldn't sleep the rest of the morning.
JOE's nanny is pretty awesome! If you recall, we had quite a few "interesting" interviews with potential nannies before we found JOE's current nanny. JOE absolutely LOVES her and I am sure the feeling is mutual.
However, she will be moving and won't be able to make the commute to our home. I am still trying to process it and have had a lot of anxiety and have stressed out a lot about it.

All of my daily Bible readings since then have been words of encouragement and positive words but sometimes, I get worried and my mind starts to wonder. "Will I find someone that I can trust before the end of the month?" "Will JOE like them?" "Is this too much change for JOE?" "Will this be just one of many more we'll have in the future?"
I know these are all just feelings of helplessness and I just need to believe that God will take care of it. Stressing out about it won't make things any better and it isn't healthy for JOE to see me like that.
I also keep reminding myself that we are blessed! Not everyone would give 3+ week's notice but she did. That allows us to have the time to do a search for a replacement. Also, we are blessed that God has provided for us to be able to pay for care for JOE in our home. It works great with our schedule and JOE is THRIVING!
I have had to read this over and over again. I have it up on my office wall. My dad sent it to J & I earlier in the month. Its been especially encouraging these past few days.

We currently have a few interviews lined up and pray that we find our new Mary Poppins. If you are a Christian, please keep us in your prayers. I love knowing that people I haven't met talk to God on my behalf.

The blessing about this is that its allowed me to spend some quality time with my princess during my search for a new childcare provider for JOE.
We visited our local library last Sunday. Here she is having fun at the library. She said hello to every single kid that came by. I was so proud of my little social butterfly :-).

So check this out. JOE's hair is getting rather long so we often put a clip on the front to keep the curls away from her eyes. Last Friday, I told J to put the green clip on her hair. He and JOE sometimes call me in the mornings on Google Hangout since J gets JOE ready for the day.  When he called me, this is what I saw on my baby girl's hair. I literally laughed out loud at work! I told him he gets an E for effort. Gosh, I love my hubby!

Have an awesomely blessed weekend!


  1. Finding quality child care can be so stressful. Praying you find someone awesome!

  2. I did ask around but some of the nannies were either located in DC or VA. I have been in your situation before and I wish my child care provider had given me as much notice as yours did - I had a week and a half notification and unfortunately, I wasn't able to have a provider in my home which meant I had to search for another location. Its going to work out. When you stop stressing that is when everything will fall in place because God has already worked it out for you. If I get any more suggestions, I will definitely forward to you.

    1. Awww Lisa. I really appreciate it! Thank you! I am trying to stop stressing about it. I continue to pray for peace of mind.
      Thanks again!

  3. I'm so sorry that you are in this situation. I know that you are a wonderful mother, and you will find a very loving and capable person to watch over little JOE. Keep praying about it, I'm sure you will be rewarded. Keeping you in my prayers!

    1. Thank you! Your kind words and prayers are very much appreciated.

  4. As I said in my previous comment (which I read out of order from this post) I am keeping you guys in my prayers. I went through the same thing and it was not fun. The process of finding a nanny actually makes me sick to my stomach. It is so nerve wracking leaving your child with anyone let alone someone who starts out a stranger and you have to build a relationship. I feel for you- praying for your family girl!

    1. Thank you! Exactly! You hit the nail on the head. It is all about building a relationship with a perfect stranger and trusting them with your child.
      Thanks for your prayers. It means a lot to me.

      Have a fabulous weekend!

  5. J - I am so bummed about this because I know how much you liked your nanny. Good luck in the new search for a great nanny. I know you'll find one that suits your needs and is going to be amazing with JOE.

    1. I am too but God has a purpose for everything. I believe that he sent us our current nanny and she was meant to be here for a certain amount of time to see us through the early stages of JOE's life. Now, God is going to send us an even more awesome person. I firmly believe that. I was very bummed about it but I have to move on and know that God is in control.
      Thanks friend!

  6. That expression on her face at the library melts my heart! She is so cute!

    Praying that you find a proper nanny soon!

    1. Thank you! It really is her look of innocence. She is mastering it even when she does something she isn't supposed to do :-).

      Thank you for the prayers. I appreciate it!


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