Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yam fries and beef stew.

Last Monday, I decided to make another Nigerian fusion dish. I got a tuber of yam from the African store the week before and decided to cook it. Typically, we boil, fry or make it into pounded yam. I decided to make a version of fried yams.

Once again, I went searching for a recipe I could use. Turns out this really awesome chic in the UK has a website where she posts recipes for many different Nigerian dishes. If you are interested in learning about cooking Nigerian dishes, go check out her website. She has very good and detailed instructions and she takes the best pictures when it comes to food preparations and the actual meal.

Anyways, here we go. I am practicing my photography skills and it was pretty gloomy outside on Monday morning so I had no natural light. When I tried to use the flash, it just came out all white.

Step 1:
Peel the yams. I used the tip of the peeler to take out any brown areas hence the craters you see.

Step 2:
Wash the yam and cut them into sticks.

Step 3:
Soak them in salt water (just add salt to cold water in a pot) for 4 - 6 hours. The instructions said to put it in the fridge but I didn't have the fridge space so I just left it in a slightly cool area.

Step 4:
Drain and then throw them in the deep fryer (or a frying pan). I heated my oil up to 360 degrees. Leave them in there for 15-minutes or until golden brown.
Hubby got me this deep fryer last year and I REALLY REALLY REALLY love using it. Unfortunately, I don't get to use it much so I am glad it came in handy for this. I plan on using it again for another snack food soon.

Step 5:
Put the yam fries on a brown paper lined pan. Salt and pepper if desired. Enjoy!

The beef stew:

This was very easy. 

Beef cubes
Ground beef
Jamaican curry powder
Hot peppers
Seasoned salt
Packet of gravy mix to add some thickness
A little bit of water

Just throw all ingredients in the crock pot and turn it on lo for 6-hours. 

6-hours later, we had a very yummy dinner. I added some broccoli. Yes yam is considered a vegetable but it is a heavy vegetable :-).


  1. I haven't had yam fries in forever! You just made me miss them!

    1. Awww...if you ever visit the D/M/V area, just give me a heads up and I just might do a special trip to the African store for you :-).

  2. Now I miss yam and spinach stew, can't wait for my mummy to come visit

    1. Lol...I understand. I never used to like them when I was much younger but I find myself craving them as I have gotten older. I guess its one of those things from childhood that brings comfort?

      I am sure your mom will be doing a lot of home cooking for you. I love when my mom comes to visit or when I go to visit her.


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