Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Celebrations with the family. Part 3 of 3

We had 3 things to celebrate during our time in Boston. That certainly kept us busy throughout our trip there. We celebrated my sister's engagement, then my niece's Church dedication and my other sister passing the bar.

On Christmas day, my absolutely beautiful niece was dedicated in Church. Here she is with her "uncle" (her dad's BFF). She is just the cutest and has the most kissable cheeks! So much so that I kept kissing her. After a while, she wanted none of it. When I would walk over and pucker up, she'd turn her face! Oh well, I can still catch her with one every now and then :-).

I think she was afraid I was about to kiss her again :-)

My nephew gave a testimony at Church of what he is Thankful for! He said he is most Thankful for his family. Gosh, I love that boy!!!

My brother, his beautiful wife and my mom holding their very cute princess.

My dad is the pastor. Here he is praying for my niece. Love her!!!

I had to struggle to get them both in one picture. They are both so active and are into everything! Don't let their innocent faces fool you :-).

On the last Saturday of the year, we also had another event to celebrate. My "baby" sister completed law school in May of 2013. A few weeks after, she moved to GA to study for the bar which she sat for in late June. In October, the results came out. She passed and passed big time!!! She score high enough to also be able to waive into our nation's capital (Washington, DC)! We are all so happy for her and proud of her.
She is my baby sister but she is certainly no baby at all.

Most Africans I know have a party for just about everything. Love that about my people! Anyways, in true African style, we had a party to celebrate all of her accomplishments thus far.

J & JOE cheesing it for the camera before we left. She still had a bit of a cold but she wasn't letting that stop her.

The party favors. We all got fleece scarfs. Perfect for this very chilly weather.

The celebrant. BEAUTIFUL! From here on out, she will be known as Attorney T! :-)

By her cake. Ummm...is "passer" a word? I questioned my sister and she said it is. Since she has a J.D. next to her name, I guess I have to do with what she says :-).

My sisters talking with the backup photographer. My brother had to run out so my nephew stood in for him. 

My beautiful sisters by birth. 2 of 3. My other sister couldn't make it :-(.

My sister by law. I love her! How awesome does she look? She is C's mom and she was only about 9-months post baby in this pic! 

C and her mom. Beautiful!!!

My handsome hubby was the MC! He was pretty good! He got people laughing even tried to get some future clients for my sister :-).

Attorney T! Love her head-tie. It is called a "gele". Pronounced "Gail-A". And behind her, you can see the original photographer returning to his duties :-). He played a dual role for the evening. He was the photographer and the DJ. Yup. That's how we do :-).

Yummy food!!! I am salivating looking at this :-).

They are just too cute! Attorney T and her oldest nephew. He was very helpful all evening.

My plate of food! It was all YUMMY YUMMY!

My nephew goofing around. Love him!

The celebrant herself cutting the cake.

Couldn't get my little princess off the dance floor! She spent most of the evening on it chasing after her nephew A.

Last Sunday of the month. Here is JOE goofing around. Playing peek-a-boo in church. Cute but did I mention my dad is the Pastor of the church? :-).

My cute niece C and my handsome but tired nephew A with their mom.

Cousins hugging it out!
And this concludes a recap of our trip to MA for the holidays. As you can see, we had a great time. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed recalling and writing about the events.

Spending time with my family often reminds me of just how lucky I am. I feel truly blessed everyday to have each and every one of them in my life. 

Have a blessed week!


  1. You guys sure do make cute babies!

  2. i love JOE's hair, so beautiful and that two teeth smile... to cute!!! the family party looks awesome.

  3. So many blessings in 2013....and hopefully into 2014. Oh my goodness look at JOE so cute...can't wait to see her again!!

    1. It sure was a blessed year. Thank you!!! We absolutely have to plan another get together soon.

  4. Your daughter is just way too cute! i would kiss her all the time! Congrats to you family and their celebrations- you guys know how to party!

    PS you and your sister look sooo much alike, but I'm sure you two get that often.

    1. Thank you!

      Yup... we get that a lot :-). I didn't realize how much we look alike until I had to do a double take once cause I couldn't recall wearing a certain colored shirt. Turns out it was her not me in the picture. :-)

  5. What a great celebration! Congrats to your sister, what an accomplishment!

    Your family is the cutest, love all the pictures!

    My dad is a pastor too :)

    1. Thank you!

      LOL! Something tells me we would be great friends IRL! Good thing we are friends in the virtual world! :-)

  6. YAY for your sister, she did good. I love that my Africans always celebrate each and every achievement and best of all that they do it all in style.

    Love the pics, it's clear that you had a great time with your family this holiday season. Best kind of vacation right there.

    1. Thank you! Yup...we always have a reason to celebrate. I love that. Hubby never understood until he married me. When I told him some of the stuff we celebrated, he just shook his head :-).

      We sure did have a great time.


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