Friday, January 3, 2014

Foolery: Things that make me go hmmm...

Happy foolery Friday. The first post of 2014. I skipped last week since I had a lot going on but we're back on track now.

For my new followers/readers, on a weekly basis (typically on Fridays), I post about articles I have read during the week that made me go "hmmm". My use of the term "Foolery" comes from my sister. She uses it whenever something is just too foolish for words. I figured it works here hence my using it :-). 

So here we go...
The foolishness continues. She deserves to be fired! This statement was not just ignorant, it was inconsiderate to a lot of people. What gets me is that she is a PR executive. PR as in Public Relations! I mean, seriously?

In the season of sharing meals with family, I couldn't even pick my mouth off the floor when I read about this ridiculously priced dinner! Sorry but I DO NOT believe any dinner is worth $10,000. And the comment about "live Frank Sinatra music" playing? Hmmm...last I checked, Frank Sinatra is dead. So "live" should imply what? Music on a CD? Or a live band? Eitherways, spending $10,000 on dinner is one memory I really can live without.

Then there is this one. He is in need of a rehab center NOT a mayoral job! After admitting to using drugs, he still wants to run for office? I guess anything can happen right? Gotta love his catch phrase though..."Ford more years!"

Anyways, here's to many more foolery posts in 2014!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness who is that heifer...crazy...So crazy and ignorant!!

    1. It sure is. I wonder if she'll remain in the same field or start doing something else. Its kinda hard to recover from something like that.


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