Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas/New Year's Festivities 2013 - 2014...1 of 3

I'm baaaacccckkkk!!!

I took some much needed R & R for the holidays. J, JOE and I were on the move for the most part and I just didn't get a chance to blog. 

I took A TON of pictures. In light of the fact that I got an eye-fi card for Christmas, I no longer have to plug in my camera. Images are transferred via wi-fi. I am trying to decide if I want a "big girl" DSLR camera versus the point and shoot I currently have so I decided to take as many pictures as possible to see if it is something I want. If it is, hubby knows it'll be on my Christmas list this year :-). 

So on to the festivities of the holidays! WARNING: PICS HEAVY!!!

Here are some pics of JOE cheesing it for the camera in the outfit her grammy got her for Christmas. She wore it to Church the following day.

For the record. She loves going back and looking at these pics. Its just too cute!

JOE playing with my new UGGs boots. She wanted to sample them first but I would have none of that :-).
My new backpack for traveling! I loved using it! It is light weight and doubled as JOE's diaper bag while we were in Boston.

I think I'll be doing this every year. This one is from Christmas 2013
Here's one of both of them from Christmas 2012. JOE was only about 6-weeks at that point. 

Some of the Christmas presents. This year, only the kids got gifts. But everyone got stocking stuffers.

JOE on Christmas morning. Its like she knew it was Christmas day and she would be getting lots of gifts! :-)

Me and my mini-me. We got the red and black memo :-).

3 generations of strong-willed women...:-)

I love this shot of JOE. I think I am getting better with my camera :-).

My loves!

My little bro playing the drums. He is quite awesome! And ladies, he is single!!! He is a God-fearing, educated and working man who has lots to offer. Oh and he cooks too! I'll be screening any potentials :-)

My baby sister...aka "Attorney T". How they grow so quickly! Proud of her! Yes, this is at Church on Christmas morning and that's my dad preaching! SMH :-/

JOE with my other sister and her fiance. He got to experience Christmas with a large family. He did great!

My mom, my little bro and JOE

This picture typifies their relationship. They are always goofing off but they love each other very much! This is my oldest nephew and my youngest sister.

My nephew got Air Jordan's for Christmas and he wanted to make sure I got pics of it.

I love this picture of my mom and my nephew!

My beautiful mom!

Yes, we all take pictures by the tree. My sister and her hubby to be.

J & I by the tree.

More presents added to the tree. Oh and in case you are wondering why the angel on top looks like she is about to fall off, my mom said "because she is about to take flight to go spread the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ!" Yup...she said it with a straight face too! :-)

We didn't even have everyone's stocking up there!

J with the youngest grand kids. JOE and her cousin C. JOE is 4-months older than her.

Food, food and more food!

Learning how to take a panoramic picture. Not so bad!

The cousins with my older brother. C is his baby.
While we were in Boston, my sister offered to take care of JOE so J and I could go out to lunch at Bertucci's. We VERY much appreciated it! 
J cheesing it for the camera.

Tired but happy I could get some alone time with my hubby!

Practicing my photography techniques. Faith, what do you think?

Clearly, I was bored! :-)
Better? I was one butter short! ANNOYED! I wanted to ask for another one but J thought I'd look crazy. In my head, it made perfect sense! :-)

Their special menu.

I got a sandwich with sausage soup

J got his always favorite Chicken domani!

Clearly, he enjoyed it because it was ALL GONE in minutes!

I on the other hand was trying to be good so I only had the contents of the sandwich. J had the other side of the roll. I did enjoy the soup though.

Had to make room for dessert! Warm apple pie with ice cream!

After all was said and done :-).

My nephews came over that evening and this was just too cute! He came in his batman suit! I love how his older brother photo-bombed his picture. And behind them, you can see C and JOE having a "discussion".

Too cute not to post.
 We decided to take my sister out to celebrate her recent engagement. We planned a spa day and then dinner after.

At the spa.

My tea. Working on my photography again :-).

The bride-to-be getting a pedicure.


Time for a manicure!

All of us. One of my sisters couldn't make it to Boston this year. We had a great time relaxing at the spa. Some got facials and some a massage. I got a mani/pedi since I planned on going for a facial and massage on New Year's eve.

At the spa. The arrangement after we were done getting pampered.

Say cheeeeeesssseeee!!!

Light fare.

A chicken sandwich with green wrap. I think that cancels out the calories right?

Desserts. YUM!
Then we took a break to go wedding dress shopping and I had to get JOE so J could get a break. Then we all headed out to dinner at P F Chang's.
JOE scored free fruits because she smiled at a waitress. I told J and he said "get her to smile some more so I can get an appetizer as well!" SMH!

My drink. A mai-tai!

I LOVE LOVE the chicken wrap at P.F. Chang's

Egg drop soup.

My sister got a mixed drink but I can't remember the name now.

My dinner. Salmon with asparagus. I ate A LOT of fish during this trip.

My sister in law's dinner.

My youngest sister's dinner.

The bride-to-be's dinner.

Then there was desserts! I got a key lime pie. YUM!
As you can see, we had a great Christmas/engagement celebration. My brothers took the groom to be out for games and dinner. But hubby didn't capture any pictures. I have to school him on that :-).

This is part 1 of 3 so more pics to come. Told you I had a ton :-).

I hope you had an awesome and blessed 2013 Christmas!


  1. Happy new year! LOVE these pic heavy posts!

    JOE is soooo adorable! Look at those little teeth coming in :)
    How cute are J and JOE?! I love your idea of starting a sleeping photo tradition. The pictures will be so much fun to look back on over the years.
    How old is your brother? lol
    The santa dresses on JOE and her cousin look great! I'd love to learn how to sew so I can make clothes for my future kiddos!
    Do I see moi moi & jollof rice on the dinner table? hahah YES!
    You, your mom and your engaged sister all look SO much alike!
    I love how multicultural your family is!
    PF Changs! YUM!!! I could go for some of that chicken now :)
    I'd like to get a good camera and get into photography too, so thanks for the updates on your own photography journey! I think Faith would be proud of your shots. lol

    Looks like good times were had by all!!!

    1. Happy New Year to you as well!

      Thank you thank you! I wish more teeth would come out. She still has just the 2! :-).

      My brother is 31 :-). Be forewarned...I have an extensive interview process...Kidding...perhaps just a few :-).

      Yup! You have good eyes! That's moi moi and jollof rice! It was oh so yummy! I brought some back with me. Looking forwarding to having moi moi and akamu for dinner tonight. JOE LOVES it! J calls it "a camel!" Lol...
      My sister and I do look alike a lot. When I was younger (and skinnier), folks mistook us. Hasn't happened in at least 15-years though but the resemblance is definitely there :-).

      Yup. We are the united nations! I love it :-D.

      We certainly had a great time. 2013 was definitely a blessed year for us.

  2. I laughed out loud when you asked about the picture, SO funny!

    And I am very, very proud! You are really great with your camera! You took some amazing ones of JOE and I completely want to jump through the screen and eat some food and drink your drinks. I am obsessed with PF Changs lettuce wraps but I haven't found one nearby yet :/

    JOE's hair is amazing, love it so much! And that Santa dress you created for her is perfection.

    Glad that you had such a great Christmas!

    1. Thank you! I always love your pictures so I figured I can be your mentee! You're my new mentor :-).
      Her hair is so much. I need to start figuring out what to do with it more consistently. The problem is she doesn't like anyone touching her hair.

  3. great post! it truly was an awesome holiday at home this year!!!

    1. It sure was. Never a full moment! Thanks sis.

  4. Nice pictures. Looks like you guys hada great time. Ummmm... I'm thinking brother doesn't know you playing match maker. I'll pray for you girl. Lol

    1. We sure did...umm...I am banking on him not reading this post :-).

  5. What a great Christmas you had with your family. I had to read it a few times to enjoy all the awesome pics :)

    You have an awesome family I tell you, it's a shame you don't live closer and get to hang out more often.
    3 generations of strong willed women - love :).

    I so enjoyed this post, just full of smiles and good times.

    1. Thanks Peg! We did have a great time. Looking forward to our next celebration which will be at my sister's bridal shower. Can't wait!

      I wish we all lived closer but I think it is best we don't. We get along better and I honestly think being somewhat apart makes us cherish the moments we spend together more.

      Glad you enjoyed the post. Hope you're doing well ;-). Your little one arrives in a few weeks! YAY!!!


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