Monday, January 6, 2014

DIY Bathroom Africa art canvas

The half bathroom is finally done! I couldn't find art that I really wanted to pay the price for so I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. I found this. I decided to try to make something similar. 

Here's the step by step of how I made it. 

Step 1: Order materials. You will need paper, canvas, paint and gold leaf paint. Check!

Step 2: Find an outline of Africa. Check!

Step 3: Enlarge it with your printer/copier. Check!

Step 4: Cut it out using a pen knife. Check!

Step 5: Read the instructions on the fold leave package to make sure you know what is needed. Check!

Step 6: Tape the cut out paper to the canvas in the position where you want it. Then paint around the canvas first. I used regular paper so to preserve the integrity of the lines, I wanted to get this part done first so I wouldn't risk the paint sipping into the canvas. Check!

Step 7: Paint the entire canvas. Let dry for at least 24-hours before removing the paper. Check!

Yes, that is the backsplash for our kitchen. J & I are still trying to find a weekend to get that done.

Step 8: Carefully, apply the gold leaf paint. Let dry for at least 24-hours. Check!

Step 9: Get hubby to hang up painting. Check!

Step 10: Enjoy! Our first floor half bathroom is done! CHECK!!! 

Expertise needed: Beginner. Anyone who can handle a pen knife and brush can do this.
Total Approximate time: About 10-minutes to cut the outline of Africa. Another 2-minutes to do the taping. 20-minutes to paint the canvas black and another 30 to paint the gold. Approximately 62-minutes.
Total spent on materials: Canvas cost $7 (it was on sale at Michaels and I had a 50% off coupon). Black paint I already had at home from painting our morning room chairs. Gold leaf paint was $9.13 on Brush I already had at home. Total cost was about $17. That's why I love DIY items. Even if I had to purchase the black paint and the brush, it wouldn't cost more than $25. Just as an FYI, it is listed for $75 and $105 on Etsy.
Feedback: Working with the gold leaf foil was a little more challenging than expected. I ended up re-applying the adhesive because some of it didn't stick. You have to work fast because after 20-40 minutes, the adhesive gets "tacky". I plan on doing more painting around the house at some point. Will definitely keep this process handy for future wall art.

Visit AyoBE Boutique to view/purchase additional African themed/African Nursery art by me. 


  1. I like this, it looks really good in your re-done bathroom! Pinterest is great for looking up DIY, however sometimes my attempts look nothing like the pictures on pinterest!

    1. Thank you!
      I understand what you mean. I have some failed Pinterest projects too. I just don't post about them :-). For the most part though, I have been lucky to find fairly easy things to work on.

  2. you are totally inspiring me about DIYs....this looks super easy and a fun way to the African art in the home...

    1. You should totally do more DIY items! Start small and go from there. With a baby, we have to do things little by little. Next project is our kitchen wall back-splash.
      Just find things you are interested in and watch YouTube videos or Google it. Someone out there has definitely done it and someone often has a tutorial :-).
      I love the African art too. I was surprised that was the one hubby picked. I gave him a choice of flowers and Africa and he chose Africa :-). I secretly wanted him to pick that one so it was nice we both agreed on it.

  3. you sure impress me with your DIY skills. this looks such an awesome work. well done :)

  4. Great job! You are so crafty, I love it!

  5. What size is the canvas? And can you provide measurements of Africa? Thanks!

    1. Hi Claudia,
      Sorry for the late response. The canvas is 24-inches in length and 23-inches in width. Africa is 10.5-inches in height and 10-inches in width. I hope that helps.


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