Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fun and relaxing weekend

First, nanny update:
We had another series of interviews for a replacement nanny for JOE. We made an offer to a lady but she hasn't really accepted yet. We also have another person we are interviewing. J & I prayerfully feel that we will have someone solidified by the end of day tomorrow.

On Friday and Sunday, we had interviews. We initially had one on Saturday but she cancelled so we just decided to take advantage of the day and spend it as a family.

We are in the market for a new treadmill since its not easy impossible to get to the gym. So last week for date night, we stopped by Walmart to see their selection. During our time there, JOE decided to busy herself with picking up items she wants.
Here she is carrying a pack of 100-balls. They aren't too heavy but she was DETERMINED to have those balls so J & I got them for her. I think it was a good investment because she loves playing with them even a week later.

I guess it was a long day for her because afterwards, she fell asleep. I love taking pictures of her sleeping. Her poses are just too funny!
On Saturday, we went to the local mall after stopping by the library to get JOE her very own library card.
We often have busy weekends and just take JOE along so we decided that since we had no plans this Saturday, we would make plans specifically for her.

By the time we got to the mall though, she was asleep. So J & I decided to get something to eat from California Pizza Kitchen. We love going there and oftentimes, I order the same thing (California Club Pizza on whole wheat) BUT this time, I did a complete 180, I got a California Club Sandwich! LOL...I know...I need to vary things a bit :-).

Yummy Sandwich.

J got a pepperoni pizza. We have a deal where for a year, I get TWO pieces of pepperoni off each slice of his pizza. You don't even want to know how that deal was made :-).

CPK has a salty butter cake with ice cream on top. It was OOOOOOHHHHH so good!!!
JOE woke up right before we left the restaurant. So we headed to the kids play area since the trip to the mall was for her afterall.

Here's my little JOE making friends. The little boy in front of her was just so cute! Had almost as much hair as her.

Another friend. JOE liked saying "hi" to her everytime she came off one of the play things.

Check this out. Here she is playing with these roller things.

Other kids came over to join her but she was NOT having any of that. Yeah I know...I need to teach my baby how to share.

All's right with the world again...

We had a very successful day at the mall. JOE enjoyed herself. We have decided to make it a point to plan more activities for her.

And here's my little snug bunny on our way back from Church on Sunday. I guess she was tired after the sermon :-).

Have a wonderfully blessed week!


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for a positive nanny update soon.

    I love taking the boys to the mall for indoor play. Looks like JOE had a ball. I am so loving her hair right now and those rosy cheeks, she is perfect for my Jbird ;).

    The sleep training is not going so well in our house. We tried for a week and didn't get any sleep so we gave up for now, I need my sleep you know. Tman is so not interested in his room it's crazy. I am hoping to try again when the baby gets here and I am awake more at night anyway. Jbird is doing well as usual so we are not messing with that. Maybe Tman just needs a few months then he'll be good, I hope.

    1. Thanks Peg. I appreciate it! Things actually worked out for the best.

      I have never even taken JOE out to hang out in the play area at the mall. I think this'll now be our fall back activity for her. She enjoyed it so much.

      I agree! We should make this happen between her and JBird :-). I mean, that's how they used to do it :-).

      Awww...I was actually hoping for some good news in the sleep department. I think kids do things when they are good and ready. After almost 2 weeks of getting up 2 - 3 times each night, I decided to do a modified cry it out thing. We let her cry for 5-minutes. Oddly enough, she fell back asleep when she realized she wasn't going to get her way by coming to our bed. Did that 2 nights and as of the last 2 nights, she's slept through the night (9pm - 6:20am). I'll take that. I needed the sleep.
      Give Tman time. He will decide when he is ready. Take comfort in the fact that you've never heard of a 10-year old sleeping in their parent's bed :-). That's how I deal with stuff like that.


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