Thursday, January 9, 2014

An unplanned day off

JOE's nanny had to take her son to the doctor and J had an important meeting at work so JOE and I got to spend the day together.

It was nice to be able to get some extra cuddle time with my baby girl. I was initially going to go to the mall but due to personal commitments, I had to skip that. So we ended up spending all day indoors.

This picture is from the night before. J is rubbing on JOE's pooh's back per request from JOE. I love the look on her face!

She wouldn't stop going to the stairs so I spent a good part of the day walking up and down the stairs. 

Then it was play time. 

We built this together. It lasted for about 2-seconds before it started losing its limbs. 

Case in point! She figured that she could put it on her fingers. That got her really excited.

She wanted to show me her achievement.

Hmmm...not so much fun afterall. On to other things...

Now, we read!

She was "reading" to me.

My very serious "reader". But then reading got boring. Now on to singing

I love this microphone. You click on certain colors and it plays the song. JOE loves the "Take me out to the ballgame" song. She "performed" it many many times.

Got excited! Thought she was ready for a real nap. But at last, she was only kidding. She woke up 20-minutes later.
I figured she would be TIRED after all of her playing and moving around and helping mommy bake. But nope...she wasn't. Not until much later.

Finally! She is down and out!!! :-)

It was a long and tiresome day but also a fun day. I loved hanging out with my baby girl. Hopefully, we can do it again sometime in the near future. They grow up so quickly.

How was your hump day?


  1. What a fun day! I love all these pictures. And the one of JOE sleeping (the one that didn't last for more than 20 minutes) is such a great shot! JOE is absolutely beautiful!

    1. Awww...thank you!!! Yeah, I was so pleased that she was sleeping and tried to get things done around the house only to hear her "maaaaaaa" sound a few minutes later! Lol!!!

  2. Love the times spent with the little ones! Looks like you guys had a great day playing and reading! She is the reading pics!!

  3. look how cute she is, and those curls!!! I had to laugh at little JOE removing the limbs from her lego robot, babies love o take things apart and knock things down! looks like you all enjoyed your day together :)

    1. LOL. It is so true! She certainly enjoys taking this apart. Her attention span makes me laugh even though sometimes, it drives me crazy. Love her loads though :-).


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