Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2 Parties, a Spa and a DIY...

It was a busy but fun weekend. We had quite a bit packed into the weekend and I honestly don't know how we managed to do it.

On Saturday, J, JOE and I went for our Saturday morning walks. It was HOT out but we still went because we enjoy the time together spent catching up.
After we got back, we headed to JOE's swimming classes. JOE did AWESOME in the pool. I am so proud of her! She really is getting a hang of it. I can't quite figure out how to upload videos. Any tips? I know a few people have used YouTube. I don't have an account and really don't want to set up one. Thoughts?

After swimming, we all came home, got cleaned up and I headed out to run some errands while J took care of JOE. I also stopped by a nail spa to get my nails done. I really like how their turned out even though they didn't last.

On Sunday, we went to Church and then went to a 1-year old and a 2-year old's birthday party. 2-separate parties. The 1-year old's party decor was awesome. Here are some pics from the party. Unfortunately, since I had to pump and we had another party 45-minutes away, we left early. But that didn't stop me from taking pics before I left :-).

Yesterday, I decided to practice on my sewing machine again. I purchased some squares from Walmart and made the orange and brown dress JOE is wearing in the pic below. Total cost for materials was $1.94. Total time spent making the dress was an hour. I think she'll get 2-wears out of it because she is growing FAST! I measured her last week before I did the cut and already, the dress is somewhat snug on her!

Hope you had an awesome weekend! Here's to an even more awesome week!!!

Daddy/Daughter Love...my <3!!!

Back of the dress.

My little model! Front of the dress.

Crawling in her newly minted dress.

My aqua nails. They lasted a grand total of  24-hours before they started to chip. Won't be going back there!


  1. looks like a fun filled weekend...love the dress...go lady! i haven't sown (is that the right terminology?) since high school...sad i know. and the picture of JOE and her father...priceless!

    1. It was. Thank you! I hope to perfect my measuring skills as time goes on. I did the measurements and cutting last week and had enough allowance for her but she has since grown so it was a little snug on her.
      I am with you. Prior to this, last time I sewed was in high school during home economics.

  2. You crochet, do all these cool DIY home projects, cook and now sew. Is there anything you cannot do!?! JOE looks so adorable in her dress. Sounds like a jam packed with fun kinda weekend.

    1. Lol...I do like doing things with my hands. It keeps me occupied and its soothing for me.

      Thank you. She didn't hate the dress too too much. She did try to chew off the ties :-).

  3. Sounds like such a fun weekend, that's my kind of weekends :).

    That dress is so beautiful, how do you do cool things like that. I wish I was crafty.

    The nails look beautiful but I am with you if they only lasted 24 hours then that's a no go

    1. Lol...I do like working with my hands and doing stuff like that. I feel like I have actually accomplished something when it comes together.

      Thanks. The nails are completely chipped now. I am ready to take them off but do enjoy just chipping at it during boring meetings :-). It is filling a void for me :-)...boredom!

  4. What a fun weekend!

    Loving the decor for the party! Gorgeous.

    I hate when my nails chip that quickly. So annoying.


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