Friday, July 12, 2013

Foolery: Things I have seen this week that made me go...hmmm

So its been a "normal" week for in. In other words, no day off and a regular work schedule. While pumping in the evenings, I often use my iPAD to read up on stories I have missed during the day.

Here are a few of the things I have read that made me go hmmm...

I actually saw this curler on TV and then read it online. I mean, SERIOUSLY? This thing is quite huge. Imagine trying to pack it to travel with! I will rather stick with my regular curlers or curling iron thank you very much!

ABC news did a segment on it to see if it really works and surprise (sarcasm), it doesn't! Here's a link to the report.  

In other news, are folks for real? These parents' kids were taken away from them due to alleged abuse. Also, they are the same ones who have named their kids after known racists. In anycase, they showed up in court for a hearing to try to get custody of their kids back and this is how they showed up. REALLY? I mean, come on! Here's a link incase you are interested in finding out how things went.

Then there is this interesting one. A man took a picture of a rabbit he saw. This was actually a little sad. This rabbit has a form of the HPV virus. There was a Discovery Channel show about a man with HPV who developed warts around his body that made him look like he was growing tree limbs. He is often termed the Tree Man. When I saw this rabbit my first thought was that's a "Tree Rabbit"!

Incase you were wondering, "foolery" is a term I borrowed from my baby sister. She often refers to foolish things people say or do as "foolery". I like it cause I feel it is a milder term :-).

How was your week? What are some of the things that have made you go hmmm this week?


  1. Wow regarding the parents attempting to get their kids back with those costumes. Ridiculous.

    The only foolery I will mention is a lot of things that have been said agree the Zimmerman trial. I'm not even going to get into it.

    1. Yup...people often make me scratch my head. Thankfully, I have encountered more people that make me smile.

      Yeah...not blogging about the whole Zimmerman trial because I think some folks just want to pretend things don't happen.


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