Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A 10 aiming to be an 18 again

I read this article yesterday and it got me thinking. Why are people so cruel and why does the way a couple look bother other people so much that they have to say something negative?

I have always enjoyed working out. Even through my pregnancy. I took kickboxing the Saturday before I had  my baby. But after JOE arrived, things have been quite busy. I find that I am not as eager to workout anymore. I am now more interested in spending time with my daughter or getting sleep when I can. I still "workout" but not like I used to. I take a step class on Tuesdays but Mondays and Saturdays, I go for long walks. When it gets too cold outside, I'll start doing TaeBo in the basement. With that said though, my goal is to be back to my hour-glass figure before we start trying for another.

So when I read the article above, I was really disappointed that folks feel that way way when they look at other "mismatched" couples. J loves to workout too but like the guy in the article, he has ALWAYS encouraged me. He never makes fun of me and always has a kind word to help give me the boost I need. But J is one of the lucky ones. He has what I call "skinny genes." He eats like a horse but doesn't gain weight. I eat 1/3 of what he eats and gain 10-lbs immediately. OK...maybe not 10-lbs but you catch my drift.
Reading the article made me wonder if that's how folks view us. I have always loved my curves which was more hour-glass but since having a baby, I am much curvier and I feel more zero than an eight. I'd like for J & I to go from a 10 to an 18 again.

In reference to this statement from the article "[Together] They look like a number 10", I sent the below to J. The comment made me laugh out loud because of the way I've been feeling lately about my body.

As you can hubby sure does have a sense of humor even when I am trying to get him to admit to something I (not him) am feeling :-).


  1. Hahahahah! The sense of humor! Loooool! So funny!

    1. Yeah. He sure does have a funny sense of humor. I love that hubby and I can laugh about the stupidest things :-).

  2. I love your hubby's sense of humor. People can be really rude sometimes. I must say every time I see a couple that seems mismatched (to include me and my hubby), I am so happy, I feel like barriers are being broken and the world is not always going to look the same way.

    1. I agree. Hubby does crack me up quite a bit.

      And yes, people are rude. I see beauty in differences. I pray for a world where that will no longer be an issue.

  3. Mismatched couples are the best couples ;)

    Your hubby is awesome! Reminds me of Sean lol.

    1. They sure are! :-)

      Awww...thank you! I think so too :-)

  4. P.S. people will always have something to say. Kudos to that guy for sharing his thoughts and feelings. Nothing is wrong with falling for someone who is the opposite of you. Love is love. Sad that we're still having these types of discussions. Takes away from more important issues, you know.


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