Tuesday, July 9, 2013

8-months of pure joy!

My princess turned 8-months earlier this week. She is such a  joy to be around. She is definitely a social butterfly, very inquisitive and very smart. Last night, we spent the evening running around the love-seat in our family room. She quickly caught on that after she turns around, we would crawl around and get behind her. We did that a couple of times and she caught on! She decided to stay in the middle of an area and look both ways to "catch" us. Of course, once she did, we'd get the biggest laugh from her. It was just so cute!

So here are her stats:
Height: 28-inches
Weight: 17-lbs as of June visit to Pediatrician
- She is a FAST crawler!
- She can pick up food with her pinchers (thumb and fore finger)
- She says dada often and mamma every now and then
- She can pull herself up from the ground and no longer needs something to grab on to. As long as she has something supporting her, she'll do it. My little spider girl :-).
- She can walk along furniture as long as she has something supporting her
- She has taken a step here and there without holding anything. So far so good.
- She now knows when I say "NO!"...she is slowly but surely, starting to test boundaries though...I think she thinks her smile will make me forget
- She is strong-willed and can be quite determined
- She "tries" to sing but also LOVES to dance when music comes on. Her legs are definitely getting a good workout :-).

Here she is getting rid of her bib cause apparently, its not cool enough for her.

Bib off, now time to tear up the sticker that used to hold the monthly count number.

No that THAT'S done, time to try to steal the camera from mommy...

By the way, the art behind her (above her changing table) was done by hubby. Pretty good huh?


  1. she sounds like such a delight! that smile would make her get away with everything with me, lol.

    love the art! hubby is talented :)

    happy 8 months JOE!

    1. Lol...thank you! I do soften up when she smiles so sometimes, she does get away with it :-). We'll see how that goes as she gets older.

  2. Awwww, happy 8 months JOE. What a beautiful little lady you are.

    J she is doing so well with all her milestones. You must be proud. YAY little spider girl (love that nickname).

    By the way, she is so your mini me.

    1. Thank you. She sure is and we are so proud. Terrified of how quickly we are having to baby proof the house but overall, we are thrilled.
      Its funny, I am starting to see more of me when I look at her :-). She used to look so much like my mom and I honestly don't really look like my mom so its good to see that she is starting to take after me a bit :-).

  3. Hahaha, JOE sounds like such a fun little girl. Happy 8months!!!


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