Monday, November 17, 2014

DIY Monday: Items from JOE'S 2nd birthday party is Monday. I know that's not often the reaction a lot of people have but I am happy because I woke up this morning and I have a lot to look forward to. 

Anyways, I posted last week about JOE's birthday. I did some DIY items for her birthday and thought its only fair that I share some of the items I made incase it inspires someone to do the same. 

Last year, I went all out and did a lot of things. This year however, I decided to tone it down a little. More on that in a later post. 
Anyways, I went looking on Pinterest to see some of the items I could do on my own that wouldn't require too much work. 

Since it is a kid's birthday, I decided to make cupcakes for the kids. We ordered one small round cake from Wegman's for the adults and then I made cupcakes for the kids. The birthday theme was Minnie Mouse so I wanted something that said "Minnie!".

This one was relatively easy. I got dark chocolate candy melts (not pictured) similar to the below. I melted it down and using the mold I ordered from Amazon, I made the bows to go on the cupcakes. 

The molds were really easy and came out with no effort. I also used store bought icing. It was all about making things easy this year.

I baked the cupcakes according to the instructions on the box and used the store bought icing as the topper. Then I added the bows and sprinkled on some white chocolate candy.

Finished product. Took next to no time at all and it tasted DELISH! JOE loved them :-D. Funny story...I made the cupcakes the night before and then put them in the fridge. The next morning when JOE got up, we headed to the kitchen for our Saturday morning breakfast. The first thing she exclaimed was "momma, where is the birthday cupcakes???" The look on her face was priceless. She wanted to make sure they weren't all gone :-).

I also made a bow to go with JOE's shirt. This one was another easy project. I used the circle I cut out of the skirt and basically traced out a square. Like my husband always says, nothing goes wasted in our household :-). 
Anyways, I cut the piece of material into a square.

Sewed it all around. 

Then flipped it inside out and used a black band tacked in the middle.

Next was Jordan's shoes. I just used a matching ribbon on her pair of converse.

Then to make some of the items that went in the gift bags. I used these handy items (keyboard dust remover and thread spool) to trace the Minnie Mouse ears.

Then I used my mock up to trace the rest of it on red and black paper. 

Then I cut it out using a pair of scissors. I used my day off to do this. Glad JOE wasn't around cause otherwise, I wouldn't have finished.

And here is a mock up.

And the finished product. I used M & Ms instead of Reeses :-). 

Below are the rest of the items that went into the gift bags. It wasn't all bad :-D.

Overall, it was an awesome birthday party and we all had a great time. The kids had fun and I am glad we got to celebrate JOE's second birthday with friends. I love celebrating birthdays. It is a reminder of God's goodness. 


  1. OMG J, I am so impressed at your skills. The bows were so cute and the Mikey "thank you" were so perfect.

    My favorite was the M&M bag though, you loaded that stuff the way I like it. We were all on a sugar high when we got home. Birthday party success :).

    1. Thank you! It was a labor of love that really didn't take too much time to get done. This year was all about making things easier for me :-D.

      Glad you enjoyed the bags. JOE is still feasting on them cause we have to ration it out for her. She is already a ball of energy.

  2. You have the best ideas and I'm sure Joe loved every second of it. You know, you would be a great event planner... :)

    1. Thank you! She did. She still talks about her birthday party on occasion so that totally makes me feel happy. I have dabbled with the thought of doing event planning but there are already so many people out there who do such a fabulous job, I figured its best I leave that to them. Plus my day time job and family keep me plenty busy. Perhaps if I ever need a side gig, I'll look into it more seriously :-). Thanks for the suggestion though. It means a lot to me.

  3. Wow, how fantastic! You did such an amazing job! I agree with Dee, you would be a great event planner!

    1. Thank you! I just might consider it in the future if I need a side gig. Right now, I figured between work and family, I don't really have too much free time.


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