Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Photo Dump Wednesday: Date night and fun times

We've been having pretty fun family weekends. And by fun, I mean weekends where we don't feel rushed to go from one place to another. We pretty much take things as they come. I love those.

Anyways, this week's Photo Dump Wednesday features some of the fun stuff from the last week.

Here is a picture of JOE after Church on Sunday. I love this little blessing of mine. Look at those lashes!

And a few nights ago, JOE decided to line up all of her toys on our bed. I mean, since when did our bed become Doc McStuffins clinic for stuffed animals and toys? Each of them have gotten MULTIPLE checkups! Better them than me though :-D.

Was trying to talk to JOE on Saturday but she was just too busy to look up since she was watching Sheriff Callie on the iPAD. Thank you Disney Jr.

Last Friday, I couldn't decide on what to have for dinner and I really hadn't eaten much throughout the day. Then suddenly, I had a craving for fried chicken. J was already in his PJs and was tired from the work day but this momma pulled the "but I am pregnant" card and my awesome hubby changed and went out to get me something to eat. Mind you, this was well past 8pm at night. I do love me some him :-D. I ate the chicken and the mashed potatoes and gravy. YUM! JOE on the other hand devoured the biscuit.

Last Wednesday, we took the opportunity to go out on date night ALONE without JOE. Yippee!!! We went to a local Afghani Kabob place.

Ummm...I must be pretty poor company because 25-minutes into our dinner, here's my hubby checking work emails.

I on the other hand took the opportunity to take a selfie. :-D.

And then he had to take a call...

There's his serious business face.

And then another email...Next date night, I am MAKING him leave his work phone AT HOME! No excuses!!! We did have an awesome time though. The emails and call only lasted about 10-minutes of our entire date night so not too too bad...

Hope you're having a good week so far. I am so ready for this weekend. We'll be putting up our Christmas tree and I know JOE is going to LOVE it! We have picked up some pretty cool ornaments for her that she is sure to say "momma, I love it! Thank you soooo much!!!" :-). 

The best part of the holiday season for me since becoming a mom is watching the look in my baby's eyes!

How about you? Have your feelings/view of the holidays changed since you became a parent? If so, do share how they've changed. I love reading that stuff.


  1. I love that you laid the guilt on hubby so that he could get you what you were craving... lol. Since my child bearing days are over, I have to find other ways to accomplish that.

    Since I've become a mother, holidays are definitely more about the kids. I've been teaching the girls how to make some of their favorites because one day, they'll be making holiday dinners for their own families. Because I'm always reminding them to put God first, tomorrow after we pray, we will go around the table and each of us will tell what we are thankful for.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family... :)

    1. LOL...I have had to use the "I am pregnant with your child" card a few times. More this time than with my first pregnancy :-D.

      This is an awesome tradition you have with your family. It is one we have with my family. I hope to pass it along to my kids when we start hosting Thanksgiving.

  2. That first pic...awww, there's just something about sleeping babies that melts my heart!

    Man, your hubby is super sweet. It would be interesting to see if my hubby would get up at late at night to get be "belly-cravings", but I guess I will have to wait till our baby making time to see test this out ;).

    1. Same here. They just look so peaceful :-).

      Yeah...hubby is sweet like that. Most good husbands become really attentive once a woman is pregnant with their child. I am lucky to have one. I am sure yours will do the same when the time comes. Just say "baby needs this..." :-)

  3. Those lashes, she is beautiful!

    Haha, about your date night. That phone comes out on our date nights too. Either I'm taking a picture for Instagram or Sean is checking facebook. We try to limit it to no more than 5 minutes so it's always still a fun date night :)

    Love that hubby got you your fried chicken!

    1. Thank you.

      Hubby's job has him taking calls at non-standard hours so I understand but I still sometimes would rather he leaves his work phone at home. Oh well...after 7+ years of knowing him, I have come to accept it :-D.

  4. That first sweet! She is getting so big! And the sequence of pictures between you and hubby are too fun! Hope your holiday was awesome!

    1. Thank you. She certainly has grown a lot.

      We had an awesome holiday. Hope you did as well.


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