Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend last week. We had a great time. We had dinner with hubby's family and JOE got to spend a very fun evening with her G-dad and Grammy (hubby's parents) and "Un Matt" (her Uncle Matt). It was so nice to see them all  interacting. They have a cat and JOE kept singing the Doc McStuffins song to the cat to find out what was wrong with the cat. I guess she thinks she can talk to animals. Oh how I love watching the innocence of kids!

I still wanted to make it special for our immediate family so I made french toast for breakfast. It tasted yummy and as always, my best compliment came from JOE who said "hmmm...yummy bed (bread) momma!"

Since J doesn't like egg yolk, I made him an egg white omelet. Sorry for the blurry picture. Was trying to also take care of JOE at the same time.

Later on that morning, I decided to make some meatpies since this pregnant momma was craving something "home" made as in my native food. Same thing happened with my last pregnancy. I craved foods I grew up with. I guess this baby is also intl spicy foods :-D.
I didn't have any potatoes on hand and also had mixed veggies as opposed to just peas and carrots. It still turned out YUMMY!

And here is mommy's little helper as always. She is going to be a professional chef by the time she is 5. I kid...I kid...I think :-D

 She was really happy to be helping out.

JOE's job was to poke the holes in each pie. Doesn't it look really nice? "Dadda" had to help her though.

And then the pies went in the oven.

Tada! JOE showing her handy work :-).

It turned out just right and was delish!

JOE clapping for herself.

I also made some friend plantains to take with us to Thanksgiving dinner at my in laws.

The Saturday following Thanksgiving, I didn't feel like making breakfast so J took it upon himself to make me some scrambled eggs. Had it with some leftover french toast. YUMMY breakfast especially since my honey made it!

Then I got some much needed pampering. A manicure/pedicure. This momma could get used to this :-D.

Overall, it was a fun Thanksgiving celebration filled with MANY reasons to count my blessings.

Hope you're having a fabulous week so far!


  1. Yummy... your food looks good enough to eat right off the computer. It's so sweet that Joe is helping mommy in the kitchen and I loved the picture of her clapping her hands when the meatpies came out of the oven. That was just too cute. I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving... :)

    1. Thank you! JOE loves to help me in the kitchen. She will be getting a kitchen set of her own for Christmas. I am so excited to see her work with it. I am sure she'll really enjoy it. She already "cooks eggs" for all of her tea parties :-).

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. JOE looks so happy to be helping. I love this age where they are trying to be helpful and are so proud of themselves. YAY for getting a mani pedi, a girl has to go what a girl has to do :).


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