Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas spirit: Work place decor

The division I work for decided to do a Christmas door decor contest. It was a fun team building exercise and I definitely saw the friendly competition amongst my colleagues. 

Here were the finalists. 

This one was pretty cool because someone actually built a replica of my agency. I mean, this person has talent AND a lot of time on their hands. It was cool though. 

Close up shot of the building. 

Another door. This is definitely an unusual but pretty cool wreath. I have never seen one like this before and I like it. Might try to do something similar in the future. Have to see what I can find on Pinterest.

This was the one our office did. I thought it was pretty festive and cool. We even laid out cookies and milk next to the tree. But at last, we did not win. We came 3rd. 

This was the winner of the contest. I mean, they really went all out with the trees and the gifts that go in the lite gift bags. They told a story with their decor and that earned them a free pizza lunch. YUM!

And then there was this one. I tried not to laugh but it was just too too funny. It is a Charlie Brown Christmas tree for sure. They didn't win but they gave lots of people a good chuckle. 

Do you do any fun stuff in your office for the holidays? If so, what is it? Do you enjoy participating?

Have a fabulous weekend and remember to be kind to strangers!

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  1. At my work, it's all about the treats! Our secretary makes amazing cookies that she and her family spend half a day baking. Plus, vendors usually drop off chocolates for the office. I guess our "team building" activity is piling into the kitchen and encouraging each other to break our "diets". Lol. It would be fun to do an activity though, like your office. You've got some really talented folks! I also like that wreath. :)


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