Thursday, December 25, 2014

A day of celebration and giving thanks

Merry Christmas! It has been an awesome year so far and we are really excited for all that the new year will bring.

One of the many blessings we have to look forward to in the next 14-15 weeks is the arrival of our new bundle of joy!

As promised, we're having a....well, not so fast! Scroll/read through already and find out! :-).

First, I want to show off my handy pocket doppler which was purchased when I was pregnant with JOE. At the time, I was having some issues with my pregnancy and really wanted the reassurance that everything was OK. Well, it has really been an awesome investment. I don't use it all the time (perhaps once every week or every couple of weeks) but using it to listen to the baby's heartbeat really does give me some peace of mind.
JOE also loves listening to the baby's heartbeat and often offers to try to find it for me.

I already know JOE is going to be an AWESOME big sister. Check her out here showing me her belly cause as she says "I have baby brother-sister in my belly too momma."

Here are some other pictures from our gender reveal celebration with family last night.

My awesome and beautiful sister in law hosted such a memorable dinner for our family on Christmas eve. Here she is with my niece after a lovely evening.

And now a video of the reveal. It is a little over 4 minutes long so if you're not interested in watching, keep scrolling...

And then of course, the information you've been waiting for...

J, JOE and I are excited to announce that we'll be having...

A baby girl come early April!

Like I have said all along, I have had similar symptoms to the ones I had with JOE and while I thought I was having a boy because I started craving more protein but an ultrasound at 20-weeks confirmed that we are indeed having a baby girl! We're very excited and very much looking forward to meeting our baby come April. 

Thank you for all the congratulations and well wishes. They are all very well received and much appreciated. Hope you had/are having a great time with your loved ones.


  1. So beautiful. Congratulations you guys, April is a great month to be born spoken from an April baby :)

  2. That's so fantastic. The gift of a sister and lifetime BFF for JOE. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and can't wait to "meet" your new family member.

  3. CONGRATS!!! Awww two little princesses! It will be April before you know it!

  4. Ahhh...congrats!! Such exciting news!!


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