Monday, May 19, 2014

DIY: Dress to skirt refashion. My $4 skirt.

So remember this dress that I made last year? Well, I must admit that it has been pretty comfortable to wear in the house. However, I really wanted to be able to wear it (or a version of it) outside the house.

Of course, I started thinking about what else I could do with it and the idea of wearing it as a skirt with a sweater was appealing and I figured it would be a nice spring outfit.

I went to my trusted site and found this skirt. Granted, it was a skirt for a kid but I used the same concept. I love all the stuff this lady does. Its just so beautiful and easy to follow! It really is a very simple skirt and the entire thing from start to finish took me less than an hour. SCORE!

This is what the dress looked like. My sister called it a "house dress"!

First things first. I cut the top off after I measured to see what length I wanted the dress to be.

Back of dress.

Front of dress.

Then I added a lining to the dress since its a really light fabric.

Lining added.

Then it was time to sew in the casing for the waist band.

I added the elastic and decided to take off the giant pink pockets.

But they left these marks. I guess I'll have to wash it and see if it'll go away.

All done! 

Now, that's much better. A skirt I can (and did) wear to work. 

There you have it. Before and after. 

Expertise needed: Intermediate. I guess a lot of the stuff I do now require a little more practice. It isn't that hard though. A comfortable beginner can also do it.
Total approximate time: This was likely one of THE EASIEST sewing projects I have ever done. It took me a total of maybe an hour? More likely 45-minutes.
Total spent on sewing materials: I purchased the elastic for the waist band a while back for $4.99. I didn't use all of the though so I'll just account for half the roll @ $2.50. I also got 5-yards of white lining materials for various projects. I only used about 1-yard. It was $1.50/yard. I already had the chevron material. Total for this skirt refashion was $4.00. Not bad huh?
Feedback: I am already looking at other earlier sewing projects to see what else I can "rework" so stay tuned!


  1. very creative, I think it makes a great skirt and you will be able to wear it a lot more different ways than when it was a dress :)

    1. Thank you! I like it better as a skirt even though I miss my old house dress :-).

  2. love the idea of rehabing clothes...i have a few ideas. you are getting so creative lady!!

  3. You're so good! I wish I were crafty, seriously.

    1. Thank you! I am trying. I have a few "misses" though. I don't post them. Perhaps I should start keeping record of them and do a "hit or miss" series on the blog :-).

  4. Wow! Your skirt turned out fabulous. I'm like Faith. Even though I watched every step, I still wouldn't be able to sew something that cool if you paid me.

    1. Thank you! I am still a work in progress but I do like that I can actually wear some of these pieces out of the house :-).

  5. This is great! I seriously wish I had the knowledge and time to sew. Great work!

    1. Thank you! :-). You can teach yourself. I am self taught.

  6. Wow I love it! Very fashionable, my type of Mama! Good job!

    1. :-). Thank you! And welcome to my blog :-D


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