Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Photo Dump Wednesday: Weekend in review

I haven't really tried any new recipes so there wasn't much to report on there.

This post is just random ramblings of last weekend. 

Last week, I tried a new hair do. I love it! I have received so many compliments on it. And before you ask, that's a piece. But it does look real. I love it because it matches the rest of my curl pattern. For only $9.99...WINNING!

When J got home last Friday, JOE decided that they should have a tea party. Here she is having tea with her dad. I think he was pouring too much or perhaps not enough? Who knows???

She had had enough! She wanted her teapot back!

See her little picnic blanket on her bed? Yup...she was having a picnic with pinka-pooh and the rest of her "friends".

Tea time!

On Sunday after Church, we went into DC to take in the sites. Coincidentally, it was also the National Cinco de Mayo festival on the national mall so we got a chance to enjoy it a bit.

Being goofy :-).

Then it was off to the Natural History museum to see the Hope Diamond. I have been wanting to see it since I saw the movie Titanic. I didn't even know it was in our backyard!

Anyways, this giant elephant was on display when we walked in. JOE knew what it was! I was so proud of my baby!

So I waited in the rather short line to see it. 

Hmmm...there it is! I was a bit under-whelmed! I think the movie Titanic made it more glamorous. I mean, it is cool and all but I think either the diamond needs to be polished OR the glass casing needs to be cleaned cause it really didn't sparkly much.

Anyways, there were other magnificent pieces there. If you are interested in seeing gem stones on display, this place certainly has good eye candy!

Then we visited the Air and Space museum. JOE and I at this point were suffering from annoying allergies. So not a lot of pictures were taken. But it was definitely a good visit.

While waiting for the train back home, JOE decided to prop up her feet while eating her gold fish and listening to a rather loud but entertaining lady talking on the phone. Needless to say, we now know who can and cannot watch TV in the lady's room, who is allowed to do their laundry with hers in her house and who she likes/does not like in her household. was special. 

Hope you're having an awesome week so far!


  1. I can see your curls! They are gorgeous!

    JOE having her tea party with her friends, so cute!

    Loved that you were able to go to DC and take in the sights! I love it there. I have to go back soon!

    Ugh, loud telephone talkers! I don't know why people are OK with sharing their business with any and everybody. SO annoying!

    Hope you're having an awesome week too!

    1. Thank you! I hope I start to fall in love with it soon. Right now, it still feels strange but I am starting to get used to it. Especially now that I am over the 6-month hump. I planned on getting a trim every 3-months but my sister is getting married in August and I want to be able to have more style options with my hair. I plan on getting it trimmed after that which'll be at my 11-month mark.

      JOE Loves that tea set. Whenever we get home, she is always ready for tea :-).

      If you come back to DC to visit, you have to let us know! It'll be great to catch up.

      We are. Thank you! Hope you're having an awesome week as well. I am glad its almost over though :-).

  2. Love the hair!

    My daughter has the same tea set LOL! She keeps her teapot and one of her cups in the car, because she likes to play with it when we're going different places. She actually looks for it when we put her in her car seat :)

    These next few weekends are the Embassy Open House events in DC, where you can tour the embassies, listen to music, enjoy food, and take in some family-friendly culture. Will you all be taking Joe? I know she'd love it!

    My friend, her daughter, my daughter, and I will be going to the EU embassies this weekend. Last weekend featured a bunch of different embassies from all over the place- Africa, Asia, the Americas (including Caribbean countries), and next weekend is the open house event featuring different Asian embassies. But since my husband is of French descent, my friend is studying Danish, and one of our mutual friends is actually volunteering at one of the embassies, we decided to do this weekend, and try to do the other embassy events next year.

    1. Thank you! I am starting to get used to styling it. Although, I think I need to move the bun every week cause the middle of my head started getting sore yesterday.

      JOE loves her tea set! She serves tea to us everyday :-D. I can certainly understand why your daughter loves it. The fact that it makes the pouring sound too makes it even better!

      We're not doing the embassies. We figured it might be too much for JOE and I with our allergies. Last weekend, all I wanted to do after we got home was stay in bed! The pollen count has been rather high this year. No doubt due to the long winter and all the rain we've been getting.

      Do post pics of your adventures though. Would love to see them. Perhaps next year, we'll get a chance to go.

    2. The allergy struggle is REAL. I hope the rain on Saturday gave you some relief.

  3. We so need to make it the that looks so much fun and those diamonds..amazing!!

    1. It is definitely a nice one to visit. LOTS of things to see. Hope you're able to make it there one weekend.

  4. the Cinco de Mayo festival looks very colourful and fun, I always love seeing peoples pics of the celebration in the blogosphere. Also, LOVE your new hairstyle, very cute for warm weather and if you hadn't said anything I would have assumed it was a piece!

    1. Thank you! I love seeing pictures of celebrations as well.

      I also love the hairstyle. It is my new go to style because it is so easy and takes no more than 5-minutes to do :-). How do you manage Tavi's hair?


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