Thursday, May 1, 2014

Quick quick...

"Quick quick" is a pidgin term frequently used in Nigeria. It just means to hurry up quickly.

Life's been so busy for me the last few weeks but I wanted to do a quick update. The first words that came to mind was "quick quick" :-).

So here's a quick update on what's been going on with me.

We are all doing well. Just busy. We celebrated our 3rd anniversary about 3-weeks ago. My siblings ordered us this beautiful AND yummy edible arrangement in addition to a box of chocolate covered fruits. I love my awesome siblings!
J & I plan on taking some professional pictures in May to celebrate our anniversary.

Then to celebrate our anniversary, hubby and I went to a hibachi steakhouse for lunch and a movie. YUM!
Before we went out, J and JOE were playing. Check them out in their matching binkies. SMH!

Flowers from my love!

I loved the way my makeup turned out so I had to take a picture :-D

J got a bloody Mary.

I got some a rum drink. YUM YUM YUM!

Us. :-)

I must be old cause I don't recall it costing $11.50 for a matinee! Have things really changed that much? Granted, I haven't been to the movies in a while. Not trying to be cheap but this was RIDICULOUS!

JOE had an awesome Easter celebration with us and her grandparents. She very much enjoyed following their cat around.

Partial success this year! JOE was actually in a picture with the Easter bunny! Progress. Next year, we'll see if she'll sit next to him :-).

I was in training for re-certification all of last week hence my not blogging because when I got home, I had a lot to catch up on. We got these ultra tiny highlighters. I honestly have never seen highlighters this small!

Check out the binder from our training. Yup, we went through the ENTIRE thing in a week. And its just one of the courses I need towards my re-certification. YIKES!

Last weekend, we decided to tackle the front of our house to add some curb appeal. Ummm...6.5 hours later, we definitely LOVED the results but it was HARD WORK! But I am excited to start on the second phase once we price out contractors. If we can't find a reasonably priced one, we will be doing it ourselves.

Rough sketch of what I want in our front yard. Does it make any sense to you? Well, it is about 70% down and looks great!

And there's my little one playing with dirt. She ate it, smeared it all over herself and "planted" (by planting, I mean, she UNplanted) while we worked outside. But honestly, I have to commend her. She was out there with us for about 5-hours outside. Thankfully, the weather was FABULOUS!

Hubby was still able to smile after all was said and done. JOE was T-I-R-E-D!!!

I am still running twice a week. So far, loving it. I made my goal the week before last to run 2.3 miles in 30-minutes. My goal for last week was 2.4 but I had training and didn't get a chance to run. 

But back to work this week and I hit my goal on Tuesday and today. After taking a week long hiatus, I was so happy because my ankle has been bothering me (old injury) and I forgot to bring my brace to work. So make my goal really was an achievement for me.

It was actually 2.43 miles when I reached the 30-minute mark.

 I have been making this dress for JOE for the last 3-weeks! Why 3-weeks? Well, there was the time I set my sewing machine so I could do gathers and forgot how to reset it. Then the time that I got frustrated because I sewed the wrong piece on there and had to undo it. And then the time...anyways, you get the point. Its been a work in progress. I am hoping to finish it next week Monday and will post more about it later.

 On the last day of training, we were allowed to go in a little late. So I decided to spend some time with J & JOE. Check out their happy smiles!

I love the way JOE looks at her daddy so adoringly.

Until next time...have a blessed weekend!


  1. I smile just by seeing the pictures. Cute dress. You guys did a great job on the gardening. Do you offer a friends and family rate? :)

    1. Thank you! Hmmm...we can trade 4-hours of babysitting for 1-2 hours of gardening :-D

  2. I need a HUGE like button. The pictures are wonderful.

  3. OMG, JOE and that adoring smile at her dad! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! She is so beautiful and you look hot with your makeup! Loving that lip color on you.

    You guys did a great job on the curb appeal! But man, 6 hours! I remember those days ... I kinda have to admit that I don't miss it although I never really did anything but give Sean ice tea while he worked ;).

    Happy Anniversary! That bouquet of flowers is gorgeous!

    And yes, that is an expensive matinee! Here it's like $6 (maybe a little less) for a matinee. But in Albany it was as pricey as yours.

    1. :-). Thank you! She and her daddy are quite a team. I just love taking pictures of both of them interacting. It really warms my heart.

      Thank you! I don't really wear makeup and I didn't even know I had that shade of lipstick! But when I saw it, I figured, why not try something different? And it worked! I know why people pay to get it done. It was HARD WORK!!! But certainly worth it. Its not all done though but the rest of it likely won't get done until closer to memorial day.

      Thank you on the anniversary compliment.

      That price still has me in shock! I had to ask hubby if they mistakenly gave us the night time price. But apparently not. I guess we won't be going to the movies anytime soon. An evening with just the 2 of us after paying for babysitter could very well cost $200 when all is said and done.

  4. Beautiful!!! the yard, YOU and your family, all of it JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!

    1. Thank you! I love reading your update posts on your baby journey. I hope all is well with you all. When are you going to blog the baby's gender? Inquiring minds want to know! :-D

    2. I guess I missed it. Just saw. Congratulations!!!

  5. You have such a lovely family!! And great job on the yard!! Very impressive!

    1. Thank you! It means a lot coming from you. I love reading about all your DIY stuff! You inspire me!

  6. I loved everything about this post. Your makeup did look awesome in that picture.

    JOE and her dad are such a great team. Keep taking beautiful pics of them.

    Great job on the gardening, the curb appeal is amazing but that 6 hours would have killed me. You guys did an amazing job though.

    Happy Anniversary by the way.

    I've given up on Easter pic by the way, I will only sweat things for good old st nick. Your hubby does not look impressed in that pic :)

    1. Thank you thank you! :-).

      I don't think we are eager to take on another 6-hour task so hubby has instructed me to price out landscaping companies for the remaining piece. I guess he didn't want to risk it :-).

      Yeah...I think Easter pictures might have to go bye-bye. It was a pain and honestly, was NOT worth the $27 we ended up paying for it. Oh live and learn :-D. J was certainly NOT impressed. He was tired of trying to pull Jordan back.

  7. looks like lots of things are going on with you. the gardening looks awesome and how fast things bloom! and JOE looking adoringly at her father..priceless!! Glad you are back to blogging again...i know work and life can be crazy hectic sometimes...glad all is well!!


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