Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DIY: Finished African print skirt

So I decided to make JOE another girly skirt since I liked the way the other one turned out but it was too short to wear for long. 

As a Nigerian gal, my mom has always bought me Nigerian clothes whenever she went back to visit. I kept them because I figured perhaps I'd wear them one day. Well, so far, I haven't had a chance to so instead of throwing them out, I decided to put them to good use by using them to make outfits for JOE. 

Here is the skirt I cut last week but never got a chance to finish sewing. For reference, I used this pattern.

I know the top doesn't really go but it was laundry day :-).

Expertise needed: Beginner
Total Approximate time: 90-minutes. Since I have done this before, it was relatively easy to make it again.
Total spent on sewing materials: $1.50 for the elastic used on the waist. The material was free since I already had it at home.
Feedback: I love this skirt. I think it'll be a staple for me. She can wear it with tights when it gets colder.

On Sunday, J & I visited a model home. I loved the decor in the half bathroom so I am going to try to recreate this in our half bath. I plan on adding shelves above the toilet though instead of putting things on the toilet tank.

Bathroom decor idea

Happy Wednesday! Hope you're having a great week so far. 


  1. THAT SKIRT IS TOO CUTE! and your daughter!! she's gotten so big since i last visited!

  2. I'm loving the skirt! The pattern is perfection!

    You have to share the how your half bath when you're done!

    1. Thank you.

      Will absolutely do that. We were supposed to get the paint on Wednesday but it's been raining here since Wednesday so date night/mid week errands was cancelled :-(


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